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Published On: December 19, 2016
Author: Scott Hopkins

3 questions to Gain Traction Online

Being present in the digital world is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. Here are three questions to digital traction online.

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Targeting your Digital Audience

Being present digitally is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. One of the advantages of having a digital presence is the opportunity to stay up to date and assure that your website is utilized efficiently and effectively. Digital marketing agencies provide many of those solutions for businesses, but there are other proactive ways to reach out if owners want more exposure for their website.

In business, there are unlimited avenues to gain customers. Focusing on online traction is one of those avenues to research. Most local business owners prefer to interact with customers physically when discussing their service or product. Yet, how can you find those people digitally and remotely?

The issue with finding customers online is making contact while not knowing if someone would even be interested. The solution involves knowing your audience, both where to find them and how to best deliver value to them. The trick to figuring out how to reach out to more potential customers online can be found within the following questions.

Who is your ideal customer?

The internet adds 300-500 websites every minute, so knowing where to look and how to stand out can be very beneficial. Narrowing down the places to look first boils down to identifying who your customer is. No one knows a customer’s needs more than the business owner himself, so developing a customer profile consisting of their likes, needs and wants is necessary. Understanding exactly who you’re trying to target will shed light on certain websites and apps that align with your ideal target customer profile.

Where would your customer hangout digitally?

The online world is filled with plentiful of focal points with opportunities for engagement. Finding out which websites/apps your ideal customer uses will increase your inbound traffic. Recognizing which applications or sites reflect the interests of your customer can give you a pathway to communicate with prospective clients on many different platforms.
For example, a pool cleaning business may search online to see if any local swimming pool clubs/events have a website they can join in order to network and build professional relationships. Alternatively, an artistic painter who takes the digital advantage on Pinterest or DeviantArt can build a following of avid fans, increasing her presence online. Almost every community website has other social platforms for you to connect on such as Facebook, Twitter or a YouTube page.

What interests the customer other than your service/product?

This question brings up many creative inquiries. Figuring out what other things your ideal customers like to do is solely dependent on the experience of the seeker. A computer-building business can gain access to clients through a local video game store’s website because there is a strong possibility that some of them are interested in both fields. There is no clear-cut way to define what people’s interests are other than your service or product, but it puts you slightly ahead of the curve when you branch out into other avenues.

Results over Time

Having extra access to clients from the web can prove invaluable when compared to only speaking to those who arrive at your place of business. It can seem like an overwhelming task at first, but through practiced efforts, the results will compound exponentially over time. Depending on your line of work, there can be different processes to follow to find those customers, but the core method remains the same.

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