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Published On: June 19, 2020
Author: Contributing Author

Improve Your Brand Design with These 10 Techniques

Are you stuck trying to improve your brand? Improve your brand design with these 10 techniques to get a boost in sales and exposure.

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If you have ever read the tips on how to start a business, one of the things that you might have read must be the proper and alluring brand design or the business logo. Let’s go over 10 of the best techniques to improve your brand.

Imagine Apple without its ‘partially bitten apple’ logo or Microsoft without the four Windows. In fact, the logos tell the customers about the brand or what it sells.

According to Jeff Bezos, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

The Importance of Logo Design When You Improve Your Brand

Logos can be intimidating for the business. If a logo closely resembles the brand, that would undoubtedly reach a better target audience.

Imagine if McD and Burger King were not just a brand but the local burger vendors, whose logo is in close resemblance with their product? Obviously, it’s Burger King. Now, I am not saying that who sells a better burger but here Burger King is the winner.

Be it a professional logo designer, or just a mediocre one, a logo close to your brand will give better conversions.

The importance of logo design plays a significant part in brand identity. Brand Identity is a sum total of what your brand looks, sells, and speaks. The logo of a brand includes the design of the product it sells, color, and size of the elements in it.

If you have a bland brand design, that certainly is going to hit your business hard and would affect your ROI. That said, you need a better logo design to scale your business.

For those looking for the logo design tips, we have spilled the beans and shared the secret techniques for creating a killer brand design.

10 Killer Tips To Improve Brand Design

1. Stay Close To Your Brand

The logo is the DNA of the brand. If you want to create a logo for your personal brand or business, keep the picture of the product in your mind. But it does not always help.

Some brands have logos with a hidden meaning. Before starting a logo, note down the name of the brand, purpose, and benefits of your product to the target audience, history, and future prospects of the business.

For instance, Nokia has a logo which shows two hands are connecting together. Their slogan ‘Connecting People’ makes their motive even more evident.

2. Play Smartly With The Colors

The color brings life to the brand. If you are not using it smartly, that would undoubtedly look vague. Use the vibrant color palette to design your brand logo. Experiment using different colors and keep your options.

In case one of the palettes fails, you should be brave and confident enough to experiment with the other one.

Pro-tip is Don’t overuse the colors when you try to improve your brand. Keep your brand design decent and calm. You can use different shades of colors to show contrasts. Some examples are PayPal, Coca Cola, and Serenity.

3. The User-Intent

User intent is indeed essential when you are selling something more specific. Let’s say you want to create a logo that looks good on the business cards. The logos for Costa Coffee or Starbucks will look alluring in the coffee shops.

The brand design for Instagram looks so good in situ.

4. Pick Your Fonts Clearly

A lot of designers do not pay much attention to the fonts. A dull and boring font for a toy company would be mismatched.

Similarly, the brand design for the rock bands will have bold fonts. A toy company will have a hand-written logo style that’s more appealing to the children. You must be familiar with the fonts and customize them according to your brand.

5. Avoid the Cliché Designs

With the changing logo design trends, the logos of the brand must change. Several products of the same type are flooding in the market. You can’t expect all of these logos close to each other.

What I have noticed about the car brand identities is that some of them were similar in shape or design. Once a primary archetype is used, again and again, it would soon make the brand design outdated and old-fashioned.

Use a design that you have in your mind instead of using the cliché ideas.

6. Leave the Blank Spaces

Your brand design must be clear and visible from a distance. If you have stuffed the colors or irrelevant shapes in your design, it makes your design less readable and rougher.

Use the fonts leaving spaces or even if you are using the colors in your logo design, use light colors, and leave the spaces between the shapes.

7. Shapes are Important

Likewise, the colors and the fonts, shapes are considerably important. Shapes with textures and the gradient features make your brand more worthy.

A professional brand will have a natural form in its brand design, while a toy company or a candy logo will have funky shapes.

You can represent your brand using these shapes.

8. Keep It Simple But Quirky

Now, I know that’s a hard task. But, the truth is a brand design which is simple and quirky tends to show better result.

Amazon has a logo with just 6 lower case letters. Ever thought of what does a→z mean in the logo? Well, it means that the company sells almost everything that starts with a to z. That’s Branding.

Similarly, FedEx uses the color and the negative space to show the delivery and speed of their services. Make sure to identify and use the negative space in your brand design.

9. Look Out for The Competitors

Be it any business, you must analyze your competitor thoroughly and their target audience. If you think a competitor has an attractive brand design, then go ahead.

Analyze and compare your target audience with them. Study the logo, use of the colors, symbols, shapes, and themes.

10. Never Stop Experimenting

As mentioned earlier, do not stop experimenting with your ideas. Even if you have created a logo that looks exemplary to you, experiments with it till you are tired of doing it.

Pepsi has experimented with its logo with time.

The risk is that the experimenting can create a negative impact on the brand, but the company can also become the talk of the town unwillingly. Keep experimenting with the colors, fonts, designs, and symbols.

Conclusion: Tips To Improve Brand Design

Brand designs are significant and can add fortune to your business. Keep experimenting and practice the logos for your brand.

Now that you have read the tips on designing the logo and improving the brand identity, it is the time to grab some ideas, add colors and fonts to try and test your skills

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