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Published On: October 23, 2014
Author: Eric Oliver

Increase Productivity with Your Smartphone

Utilize your smartphone to be smarter for you. Increase your productivity with a few simple changes to your phone's built in apps to make your life easier.

Smartphones are frequently seen as distractions when you are at work, however with the right applications and focus, smartphones can really be the way to keeping us sorted out and centered. By making the best utilization of your smartphone, you can positively influence your profit and change how you sort out your life. With a couple of straightforward steps, you can change your smartphone into your virtual partner and profit tool. Here are three basic and simple approaches to build your lifestyle utilizing your smartphone.

Increase Productivity with your Smartphone

Increase Productivity with your Smartphone

Utilize Your Smartphone Time with the Pomodoro Technique

Sometimes, you do not need to utilize various applications to increase your productivity, but you can use something as simple as a timer. The Pomodoro strategy is a well-known time administration procedure that helps increase productivity by influencing the way individuals work by creating short twenty-five minute interims called “pomodori”. Every pomodori is trailed by a five-moment break, with a more drawn out fifteen-moment break after four pomodori.

Most if not all smartphones have an timer built in that permits you to time these interims, however it is additionally helpful to download Pomodoro applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Authority Pomodoro applications permit you to set the length of your pomodori and your breaks, and changing the measure of pomodori between your breaks. This well-known and overall great time administration strategy is a demonstrated hit, so utilize your smartphone to make it work for you.

Use Your Smartphone Calendar to Your Advantage

The first step to total productivity is to see how you invest your time, so dump the paper organizer and begin utilizing your smartphone calendar. Using a cloud-based calendar like Google Calendar or iCloud is recommended by time administration experts as your occasions synchronize between multiple devices and you can check your calendar wherever you are. Best of all, both Google and Apple have amazing addons for their calendars, implying that smartphone calendars are much more than day organizers. For instance, Google Calendar will let you know when to leave for a meeting based on traffic and other potential blocks to your destination.

Improve Your Smartphone Reminders

Keeping a simple to-do list is the most essential approach to increase your daily productivity and provides you some sort of simple happiness from ticking that checkbox. Smartphones give you the ability to supercharge this methodology. Most smartphones have built in to-do list or reminder applications, permitting you to note down everything from your shopping list to your week by week plan.

The most ideal approach to get all the most out of your smartphone reminders is to utilize it’s usefulness to streamline your schedules. For instance, on iOS you can utilize the reminder application with local information, which permits you to be reminded to do something when you enter or exit a certain location or business. Do you frequently forget to get milk when strolling past your local mini mart on the way home from work? You can allow your smartphone to remind you to get that milk right when it matters the most.


By and large, smartphones are incredible gadgets that can really supercharge your productivity and permits you to set aside a few minutes throughout your life on your own terms. You needn’t bother with extravagant applications or even the most recent smartphone to make the most out of a smartphone’s useful abilities: utilizing the time, to-do list and reminder applications are simple approaches to make your days run all the more easily and proficiently.

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