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Published On: April 19, 2019
Author: Kenneth Pendleton

On-Page SEO Checklist – Optimized for Search

Review our On-Page SEO Checklist to ensure your website is on the right track for organic search traffic.

Is Your Website Optimized for Google Search?

What is On-Page SEO you ask? Well, it’s the practice of optimizing your web page to increase the position it appears on in search results and bring more traffic from search engines.

Set the foundation to solid search engine optimization by making sure your pages are optimized for the target keywords you want that page to come up for in search results. The way your web page is set up can have a large impact on its ability to appear in searches.

Perfect On-Page SEO should give search engines, as well as your readers, a clear understanding of what your webpage is about and identify relevant topics within your content with the use of subheadings.

This quick checklist contains the essentials of On-Page SEO to ensure your page is on the right track for organic search traffic.

On Page SEO Checklist Infographic


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Kenneth Pendleton, Ad Specialist

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Kenneth Pendleton

Ad Specialist

Kenneth Ramirez Pendleton is a dedicated Ad Specialist with a specific concentration on communication in the post-interpersonal age, namely internet and social media advertising. Kenneth specializes in Google AdWords™, connecting local clients with an international customer base. Kenneth is currently applying the knowledge accrued while studying Business and Marketing Management as the Ad Specialist for Future Design Group.