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Published On: September 4, 2018
Author: Kenneth Pendleton

The Secret To Super SEO

In as much as businesses benefit from search engines, some struggle a lot to pick it up. However, we offer some insights for businesses by providing these secrets to super SEO.

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In as much as businesses benefit from search engines, some struggle a lot to pick it up. This can be attributed to some factors like poor content, poor website design, and misinformation, among others.

However, we are going to try and offer some insights for businesses by providing these secrets to super SEO.

FDG The Secret To Super SEO

1. Have a plan

Before kick-starting any digital marketing campaign, even on search engines, it is imperative that you have a plan for the attack.

The method you use to deliver your campaign is significant because it will dictate your direction as you try to unlock the potentially rewarding land of search engines.  Your plan is vital because it identifies your goals in search engines. These form a framework for you to design your campaigns.

If you want to boost your brand awareness, then you’ll need to know which strategies to adopt. If you’re going to generate leads for your business, then you’ll need to know which policies are necessary.

A plan will also outline who you are going to target for your campaigns. Is it potential customers or is it the public generally? In identifying a target audience accurately, your efforts are then more likely to bear fruits and be very useful; managing your reviews is key to local SEO.

Similarly, in case you are planning to spend on PPC (pay-per-click), then you will know how much you have from your budget to dedicate to each aspect of your plan and, ultimately, run a favorable and viable campaign.

2. Content

After you have a plan, you will then need to come up with content. The best way to leverage content and run an effective campaign is to ensure that you have great content. To have great content, you will first need to identify what to base your content on.

This is dictated by what your target audience is searching for you with. The words they are seeking with will become your keywords and what you are going to base your content on. Luckily, today there are some tools you can use to find out exactly what keywords people are using.

These include Google’s Keyword Planner and Bing’s Keyword Research tool. Then you will need to come up with content based on the keywords.

The best content is not only relevant to the target audience but are also in multimedia form and meet the pillars of high content. For multimedia, the material will employ the various types of media that are in the text, image, and even video format. As for the pillars, the content should be informative, entertaining, convincing, and educational.

Once you have the content, you will need to establish a website and post your content.

3. Web design

This will also be a vital asset when you want to have super SEO. It can a lot, but for this blog we will look at a few key things.

First, you will need to ensure that the layout of the site is ideal. It should be easy to navigate, provide buttons for people to call you, and a place where people can perform a search within a site.

You should also organize your content on the site in a logical manner. Make your site mobile-friendly. People will perform searches on screens of different sizes hence your website should be responsive to all these screens. Mobile users should also be able to perform searches efficiently and even click buttons like your contact information quickly.

Your landing pages should also be eye-catching. This will help visitors stay at your site which will lower your bounce rate. Subsequently, this will result in your site ranking reasonably higher in the search engine.

Your site should also have proper loading speeds. By appropriate, I mean it should load in about 2 seconds or less and not more. Sites with 3 seconds of loading or more often have a higher bounce rate.

4. Analytics and tools

Analytics should provide key insights that should help you determine whether your efforts are paying off or not. Metrics like conversion offered by analytics from sites should tell you to either keep up, shift focus, or step up with your actions.

Tools also offer valuable assets to your organization. They can be linked up with your site to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness. For example, today you can use tools to respond effectively to customers, which can lead to them positively reviewing your business; managing your reviews, either on your own or with software, is key to local SEO. You may also use tools to schedule posts, among others.

The secret to super SEO is quite comprehensive. However, these four tips can help build a foundation to start your path to super SEO.

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