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Published On: February 20, 2017
Author: Allyson Gamard

Tweet with a Purpose

Twitter is a great social media platform for you to connect with others! There are hundreds of millions of users sharing millions of Tweets daily!

A Summary of Twitter Tactics for Small Businesses

Twitter is a great social media platform for you to connect with others! There are hundreds of millions of users sharing millions of Tweets daily! Through this sharing users can discover new people, learn new things, watch live events, and catch up on what is going on around their community and even the world! And, Twitter is not just for personal use, businesses have been using Twitter as an outlet to reach, connect, and engage with their customers as well! Many of your favorite brands and companies have Twitter business pages, where followers can have access to up-to-date information, promotions, news, or even workplace gossip.

Twitter logos in conversation bubbles above a person's head

Joining Twitter can be the easy part, opening a line of communication with your audience can seem difficult to a small business when social media feeds fill up faster and faster. This blog will offer some strategies small businesses can utilize to attract and communicate with their growing audience.


Understanding how and why Twitter displays your posts to your followers is important and it can change periodically, so keep up-to-date with what the new algorithm is and how to use it to your benefit. As of right now, Twitter and many other social media channels are focusing on content and engagement. That means that if your posts are generic, stale, or sell more than offer your posts might be seen less or not even at all. If your business posts content that your followers want to see and engage with then it is more likely that your posts will show up in their feed. As more engagement happens with your posts then Twitter will take notice of the pattern and showcase more of your Tweets to those users.

Key: Post great stuff that will matter to your audience!


While there are many online video search systems available, Twitter has become a leader for users to discover new videos! For a business, this gives you an opportunity to talk directly to your audience rather than the standard 140-character count. Many users will stop scrolling to watch a video play and that can start the conversation between you and your customers. Plus, videos add more dynamics to the endless scrolling seen these days on social media, where words and images just do not stand out anymore. Twitter videos are short, with a maximum length of 140 seconds, but that can give you time to introduce yourself, your message, ask questions, show quick product tutorials, offer advice, present a solution, or just say hello and happy weekend to your followers!

Key: Even with a small number of followers, videos can offer a great chance to spark a conversation!

Tweeting too much

Twitter is growing every day, which means users feeds are growing, so to have a chance to be seen you have to increase your Tweets! Post multiple Tweets about your new blog, promotions, or information at different times throughout the week or month. Try out different content, headers, images, or videos to see what gets engagement. Using different content pointing to the same information will help you to not sound stale but still get your information out there. Review your Tweets; track the Tweets that are having the best reach and engagement, use those for inspiration for future posts.

Key: Quality and Quantity! If you have something awesome to say, say it!

Spark Up a Conversation

With how big Twitter is and how much is grows continually daily, just sending a post once or twice is not going to cut it. Your audience has to care about what it is you are saying and why you are saying it, and “special pricing or deals” is not always going to persuade your followers. Instead, create personalized experiences for your followers and engage in conversations, ones that they will want to share with their followers. Treat Twitter like it is a one-on-one phone conversation that anyone can see. Share facts, interests, or industry tips. Ask your followers for input on situations. Join in conversations that are already going on, search themes in your industry and see what is already being said about topics and share your input. Keep the conversation going by using a light and entertaining voice and always leave with a positive impression.

Key: You are not a robot; so do not sound like one on social media.

Adding the Real Value

For a business, to get real value, i.e. leads, then you have to add value to your posts. Your posts are what your audience will see, what they will engage with, what they will share with their followers! This starts with creating content that will matter to them, providing them with the information they need to know, and Tweeting at times when your audience is active. Provide answers to common questions you may get and showcase your expertise in your field through Twitter. Give your followers a reason to come back to your business when they need relevant information and then engage with those that do. Comment or share, open the conversation up!

Key: Real value comes from providing valuable information!

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Allyson Gamard, Lead Designer

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