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Future Design Group Acquires Zero 3 Computers

Biloxi, MS - June 25, 2015

After a year of work, Future Design Group has finally acquired Zero 3 Computers, a Mississippi based website design agency. This merger will allow Future Design Group to take a stronger foothold on the Mississippi gulf coast.

After a year-long wait, Zero 3 Computers, a Mississippi based marketing agency has been acquired by Future Design Group.

Future Design Group hails from Destin, Florida and recently opened a new office in Biloxi, Mississippi. After opening their new office, Future Design Group reached out to local talent to find partners in the area that had a reputation for excellent support and were known for their amazing work.

Zero 3 Computers were quickly found on their radar. The owner and CEO of Zero 3 Computers had operated the business for 11 years and had created a reputation on the Mississippi coast for their website design work as well as their online presence. Talks about merging the companies started almost a year ago. Today, the talks ended and Zero 3 Computers will be absorbed into Future Design Group.

Future Design Group has said they will bring on the entire Zero 3 Computers team and will welcome their previous clients to become new clients for the larger agency.

“This has been a great endeavor and we look forward to continued progress with our new team members,” said Eric Oliver, Director of Website Development at Future Design Group. “We look forward to opening new office space to accommodate the new team members and really allowing a local company to influence our work here on the Mississippi coast.”

The new merger means that clients of Zero 3 Computers will be able to have access to new and exciting marketing techniques and tools that were not previously offered at the smaller agency. These new services include:

  • Print for offline services such as billboard, magazine, and general print
  • Radio advertisement
  • TV advertisement

This combined with their already impressive list of services including website design, mobile app development, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing will give their clients new and innovative ways of marketing their company. Future Design Group and Zero 3 Computers will become one officially on July 1st, 2015. A new powerhouse marketing agency is on the Mississippi gulf coast and they have acquired local talent to really step up their game with their new presence.