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Future Design Group Launches Wi-Fi Marketing

Biloxi, MS - May 31, 2018

Future Design Group launches Wi-Fi Marketing to turn guest Wi-Fi into an automated marketing tool.

Future Design Group today announced they have added Wi-Fi marketing as a product to their marketing product line. The Wi-Fi marketing will automate marketing using guest Wi-Fi, with added benefits such as increased customer retention, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. It will be featured as a key tool in Future Design Group’s digital marketing lineup. In addition to digital marketing like website development, social marketing, and ad buys, Wi-Fi marketing will allow brick and mortar businesses to work faster and make smarter marketing and business decisions.

“Wi-Fi marketing is unheard of in our area and we are the first to offer this fantastic new marketing tool,” said Eric Oliver, CEO of Future Design Group. “Wi-Fi marketing is an easy to use solution that takes the already available guest Wi-Fi found at most casinos, hotels, and restaurants and gives the business owner a new way to retarget past guests. Guest Wi-Fi is an important offering for this type of business, so we give them a way to utilize it more without affecting their guest’s experience.”

Future Design Group is an award-winning marketing agency that focuses on digital. This new service combined with their other services allows their clients to not only attract new guests but opens the door to retarget past guests. Wi-Fi marketing is a new tool that can produce amazing results with automated promotions, thank you, and review solicitations. This combined with standard digital marketing can result in higher retention, higher ROI, and more chances to directly market to past guests.

As of 2017, 60% of carrier network traffic has been offloaded to Wi-Fi and over 75% of people say that a week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee. Offering guest Wi-Fi at your venue is becoming an expectation like having a working A/C or providing lighting. As a business owner, since you are expected to have guest Wi-Fi, having a marketing solution tied into that guest Wi-Fi should also become the norm.

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About Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing is a relatively new concept in which allows brick and mortar businesses, to turn their Wi-Fi from a business expense to a profit generator. Guests log into the Wi-Fi by providing an email address, phone number, or social media engagement. From there business owners are able to connect with their customers in ways that have never been done before. Allowing these brick and mortar business utilizing the Wi-Fi marketing technology to succeed and grow. Through its innovation, Wi-Fi marketing is powering the next generation of small business technology.