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There’s An App For That

Biloxi, MS - July 20, 2014

A technology guru based in Biloxi bridges small businesses with the latest technology with the tap of a mobile device — and there’s an app for that.

Eric Oliver develops mobile and tablet applications for small businesses that allow the business to change, update or edit the app with no development experience.

He started developing the Create Your Business App six months ago after another developer contacted him to create a mobile and tablet application for a company based in Jackson.

Anybody can run a search on Google for an app creator, but Oliver’s business takes care of the technical hassle for the not-so-computer-savvy.

“It’s an affordable way to give businesses a mobile app they can customize with no development experience,” Oliver said.

The flat rate for the app creation is $1,000. For $29.99 per month, customers can add an option to have an event calendar on the app and send out customized coupons to subscribers. For $10 more per month, customers can also send out push notifications to their subscribers.

“It’s a low monthly fee compared to paying developers to make changes,” Oliver said.

Business owners give Oliver all of their information and discuss a design plan, and Oliver uses computer coding and web development to create the actual app.

You can view more about the project or sign up at the following URL: