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WP Online Contract Version 3.4 Has Been Released

Biloxi, MS - June 13, 2015

Future Design Group has released version 3.4 of their internationally best-selling plugin WP Online Contract.

WP Online Contract is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin for creating and managing client contracts online. With this plugin, you can create, manage, send, and even receive payments for your contracts online using WordPress’s world-renowned content management system.

“This plugin has been our top seller for over a year and our users have spoken…we listened,” said Eric Oliver, Director of Website Development. “We have implemented new changes since version 3.0 that not only improves the plugin itself but gives our users more functionality and makes the plugin 100% easier to use. It is basically a brand new plugin compared to previous versions.”

With the new version, the user has the ability to do the following:

  • Shortcode creation for new data from the client
  • Shortcode functionality to allow the user to build shortcodes that can run mathematical functions on their data
  • New template and style integration
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • New payment addons and the ability for payment processors to create their own addons
  • Better signature and print or PDF functionality
  • Completely responsive so the user’s clients can sign from any device

WP Online Contract is extensively supported by Future Design Group and has a 4.6-star rating out of 5. It is currently being sold and supported internationally and used by Fortune 500 companies. “With the success of our WordPress plugin and it’s addons, we have started development on a standalone version that will give more functionality but without the use of WordPress or even your own site since it will be hosted on our server,” Eric stated. “Our next solution will be a huge turning point for our business and will give our customers, even more, flexibility than ever before.”