Beer on Map Design

Project Objective

Have you ever gone to have a night on the town just to find that the bar or restaurant you enjoy doesn't carry your beer? Well, with Beer on Map, that changes! Now you can "Find Your Beer, Your Way".

Beer on Map provides their users with an interactive way to filter locations by brewery, bottle, tap, and even by the beer itself, all in real time.

It is fully integrated with Google Maps and provides pricing, directions, ratings and general information about each location based on your beer choice.

The Brand

Beer on Map is a unique idea, so it needs a unique brand. We wanted to create something that is not only visibly appealing, but something that has significance to its users. We decided to go with a pint glass that has a unique design pattern using a map interface with a map pin set as a wedge.

The colors chosen reflect common types of beer such as cider, light, stout and ale.

Beer on Map Brand

Project Features

Like every project our agency does, we wanted to make Beer on Map stand out. Take a look at our project features and see how we made this brand stand out.

Interactive Beer Filter

Take a look at the Beer Filter animation. We gave the users a way to dynamically search for their beer type by using their GPS location or by typing one in. From there, they choose their favorite breweries and make their beer selections. Lastly, they choose whether it is tap or bottle and the venue type. Once submitted, the results on their screen change and show the best venues for their taste.

By utilizing a hidden menu, we can give an amazing presentation of their results, all while keeping the customization available when needed.

Printed Collateral

The best way to reach patrons at a bar is to utilize rack cards and stickers. We created multiple variations and colors that are not only informative but also colorful. We wanted to create something that someone who may have had a few too many would read and understand. Plus, everyone loves stickers.

We worked with local bars and restaurants to display the printed collateral in attention-grabbing areas and offered discounts on direct advertising through the website for their participation.

Integrated Google Maps

We utilized Google Maps API to find and display different venues, all while automatically collecting information that would inform and direct website users to the venue. The more robust the data is, the better the searched results would be.

We collected data from multiple queries and can collect up to 200 venues in just a few seconds per pull. This allows us to expand into any location relatively quickly, and ensures our data is modern and updated often.

Project Results

The project is still in the pre-launch phase, but we were able to gather usable data from around the country and generate enough interest to start a venture capital campaign. Within a few weeks of its initial release, Beer on Map won 7 awards for the design and development of the website. We have high hopes for its full release.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Beer on Map
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Biloxi, Mississippi
  • SKILLS USED: PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS, Google Maps API


ADDY Silver Online / Interactive Websites, Beer on Map ADDY Silver Interface & Navigation, Beer on Map ADDY Silver GPS & Location Technology, Beer on Map ADDY Silver Logo Design, Beer on Map ADDY Silver Responsive Design, Beer on Map ADDY Silver Website Based Application, Beer on Map Prism Award of Excellence Logo & Collateral, Beer on Map Horizon Interactive Awards Bronze, Beer on Map Website Horizon Interactive Awards Bronze, Beer on Map Website

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