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Coastal Family Health Center Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Project Objective

Coastal Family Health Center is known around the Mississippi Gulf Coast as being one of the top health centers. We were tasked with building a digital brand that would reflect this.

We spent time with them for months managing their social media profiles before creating their new website. We used what we learned to create an intuitive website that was easy to use and encompassed their brand.

Project Features

Modern design featuring large imagery, clear calls-to-action buttons, and section as well as an easy to navigate design. We built their website with all demographics and age ranges in mind and focused on their core services.

Our design uses corners, angles, and large icons to accentuate the calls-to-action and leads their customers to where they need to go. The large images provide a clear, visible idea of page content and give an indication of where you are if you ever get lost.

Lastly, we also developed an internal system for their employees and staff to utilize for news, events, updates, and resources.

Unique Design

We wanted to build something that would stand out among the millions of other medical designs on the internet. We utilized angles and icons to showcase services and other aspects of their brand.

We also set up internal pages to look like modern file folders so their visitors would see something familiar when browsing.

Headers are bold and informative without being overbearing. The text flows smoothly and leads to well-placed images throughout the website.

Online Appointments

We added an online appointment form that was not present in their previous design. Before, the only way to make an appointment was via phone. Now, their potential and existing patients can book an appointment within a few minutes.

The patient can book on a general page or for a specific location in as little as 2 clicks.

Customer Surveys

Coastal Family Health Center are always worried about their patients and give them many outlets to give their feedback.

We took them 4 page PDF form and made a fully responsive form that can be filled out very quickly and does not require you to be there in person or does not force you to send it through standard mail.

Employee Intranet

One of the biggest aspects of the website is not visible to the public. We helped create an internal intranet that gives the CEO and employees a way to quickly and efficiently talk with either other. This portal also allows staff to send out notices and updates regularly so their entire team is on the same page, regardless of location.

We also built a private/public facing employee application system that gives the admin the ability to add new job postings securely but also gives potential employees flexibility in sending their resume.

Try it out!

This is a live version of the site, give it a whirl.

Project Results

A complete overhaul of the previous design that is fully responsive and intuitive. Our design helps generate new leads easier and builds their reputation digitally.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Coastal Family Health Center
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • SKILLS USED: WordPress, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS

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