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Davis & Crump Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Project Objective

Davis & Crump's old website was using a very out-of-date theme that was unmanageable from the client standpoint. With every update, they would essentially break the entire website. We were first brought on to fix the site that was broken but after investigating the theme and the design we found that in order to remain secure and usable, a redesign would be needed.

We worked with the law firm to reuse a lot of the design to incorporate into the new website. We were able to create a new design based on the old design that was professional, usable and compliant. Lastly, we were able to utilize their various services and create new calls-to-action that would enable their online ROI to improve.

The Brand

While sticking to the look of the old site, we were able to improve user navigation, calls-to-action, and the overall flow. We swapped out the outdated image slider and placed a custom hero image that can be manipulated by our client easily, we adjusted the color scheme to be easier on the eyes, and finally, we increased the overall flow to point their clients to the sections our client wanted them to go to.

We create a button to easily pull up their "Free Evaluation" form that would in turn easily convert potential clients. We also included better imagery in their case studies to showcase what they can do without losing the overall flow of the site.

Davis & Crump Branding

Project Features

Davis & Crump's new website features a custom WordPress theme to ensure that all of the site's elements will work on multiple screens and platforms. The site uses parallax design to add depth and to increase viewer engagement. The site is optimized for CSS, JS, and WordPress CMS for faster load times.

Demonstrative Results

Our redesign gave Davis & Crump a way to showcase their case results and show their potential clients that they get results for their cases. We have beautifully designed info boxes set for historic and actionable cases to show off their best results in an easily-understood way.

Clear Calls-To-Action

We have calls-to-action throughout the website that draw the visitor in and direct them to where Davis & Crump's agency wants them to go. Not only can a potential client quickly contact them but can quickly find information about case studies, results, and coverage.

Easier to Use Administration

One of the biggest issues that Davis & Crump had was with the administration. Due to a poorly designed website, they were unable to update or add new content without a fear of breaking the entire website with a single update. We not only created a new website, but also slimmed down their admin by removing unnecessary  items as to only use what we needed for the website. So, now they can update the site easily and efficiently.

Modernized Mobile Design

With our hosting, we were able to increase Davis & Crump's website speed by 300% and make it run blazingly fast on mobile devices. Previously, their website did not have a mobile responsive version and was clunky and hard to use on phones and tablets. We fixed this by designing the website mobile first and building from the ground up.

Project Results

Davis & Crump's new website is 300% faster and leads to more conversions as well as more calls-to-action. With this conversion and analytical tracking, they can see where their clients are coming from and going to. They are converting more clients more quickly and their clients are finding the information they need better and more efficiently.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Davis & Crump
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Gulfport, Mississippi
  • SKILLS USED: WordPress, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS

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