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Kenny Myers Realty Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Project Objective

Kenny Myers is a real estate agent on the Mississippi and Alabama gulf coast. We wanted to do a simple one-page site that would encourage his visitors to find his properties and inquiry about the properties that are open.

We loved Kenny’s logo and decided to brand his website with the same style logo, but a little clean with a lot fewer distractions. We recreated his logo to be more simple but to the point. We went with a white logo to stand out on his darker background but did not want to lose the flair his lawn chair added, so we left it red on a white silhouette.

His website features beautiful pictures of his property and the Gulf Coast. We have accented and animated buttons to help direct his visitors to his call to actions and we make sure Kenny is visible at all times in order to help him stand out among his competitors. Our idea was to associate Gulf Coast condos and rentals with Kenny’s face.

Project Features

We wanted to create a one-page site that was unique, fast and informative.


We added a custom filter for Kenny’s visitors to be able to find new properties in their area or per their needs. Our filter is unobtrusive and keeps his website visitors in place without having to scroll to find their perfect rental.

Project Results

Our agency created a fast website that allowed Kenny to add new properties easily and efficiently. The ability to filter properties gives his customers a quick way to find what they are looking for.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Kenny Myers Realty
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Biloxi, Mississippi

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