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Kids Hub Mississippi Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Project Objective

Kids Hub is a non-profit organization devoted to providing forensic interview services and advocacy to children that have been victims of child abuse. The response we have helps to reduce the trauma that children and their non-offending families have to endure. We work with children that have been victims of physical and/or sexual abuse as well as children that have witnessed violent crimes.

We created their site with this in mind. We made it inviting and playful but professional. We have incorporated everything a nonprofit would need to ensure they can receive donations, push events, get new sponsors, and to keep the public informed about the organization. We made the website user-friendly and strategically placed call to actions in locations that will ensure visibility and helps the organization encourage donations.

The Brand

The Kids Hub brand is a simple brand that utilizes a child-like approach. The simple drawing and words make you feel safe and you know immediately who they offer services to. the Kids Hub organization is amazing and we wanted to incorporate their brand into the style and design of the website.

Kids Hub Mississippi Branding

Project Features

The website we created was beautiful and reflected what Kids Hub wants to produce as their image. We emphasized on happy children and gave the website a bright contrast to let the public know that this organization helps children who need it most. We focused on donations and fund raising events.

Online Donations

An organization like this is driven by donations and sponsorships from the public. In order to make this effective, we create multiple opportunities to donate and made sure the call to action buttons and sections were highly visible.

Event Calendar & Sponsorship

Not only can see you see what events Kids Hub has to offer on the home page, but also on the custom developed calendar page. This calendar gives quick clips of the upcoming events and once you click through to the event itself, you are presented with galleries, donations and sponsors.


Fundraising is a huge part of Kids Hub's success. They host multiple events every year and the result of these events is to not only receive donations but to inform the public of who they are and how they helps kids in need. At any given time, there is at least one fund raising event going on with Kids Hub.

Effective Calls-to-Action

At almost every turn on the Kids Hub website, we have effective call to action buttons and sections. The important part of this website is to bring awareness to Kids Hub and create multiple opportunities to help Kids Hub.

Whether you are on the home page, a donation page or a fund raising page, you are provided with multiple opportunities to help the organization by donating, volunteering and sharing their message.

Project Results

Our project with Kids Hub was purely digital. The gave us complete control over the look and feel of their digital presence so we created something that was not only beautiful to look at, but effective in getting new donations and bringing awareness. During the first year we helped bring in tens of thousands of dollars just through online donations. On top of that, we took a new brand and made it a household name in Hattiesburg.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Kids Hub Mississippi
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • SKILLS USED: WordPress, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS

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Client Testimonial

Kids Hub Mississippi Client Review Image

Future Design Group and Eric Oliver have been wonderful in helping design our new website for our nonprofit organization, Kids Hub! We are grateful for all of the hard work and dedication provided in order to build a fantastic new site! Easy to work with and great results!
- Didi E, KidsHub


Prism Certificate of Merit Tactical Materials, Kids Hub