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Mental Health Association Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Project Objective

Mental Health Association of South Mississippi is a great local non-profit that helps people within the surrounding communities, so we wanted to make their site informative but not overwhelming. We created a design that worked featured calming pastel colors and instantly-recognizable, large, bright call-to-action buttons and sections.

The overall goal was to create a website and marketing platform that would engage the visitor and entice them to donate to the organization. To accomplish this, we built the site around the donation model and gave the visitors multiple opportunities to either make a one-time donation or to donate to a specific part of the organization.

The Brand

The brand that is Mental Health Association of South Mississippi revolves around not only the people who donate their time but more importantly the people that use the organization for its various services.

Our designs show this brand and give people a reason to get behind the organization. The brand reflects the cause and its workers to pull at the heartstrings of donors, and shows them who they actually help with their donations.

Mental Health Association Branding

Project Features

In order to recruit and inspire potential donors, we created memorable traditional pieces and a creative digital website that fully highlighted the generous donations from community leaders and the selfless volunteers who give their time to a worthy cause

Printed Collateral

Our agency created multiple printed designs for the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi. We created fliers, RSVP's and Save the Date post cards.

We created the themed designs to match their events and their website. For example, their "Don't Worry Be Happy" event was island themed, so our printed collateral matched the fun atmosphere and this theme was reflected on their website while it was being planned.

Online Event Tickets

Previously, the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi could only sell and track tickets offline. We created a unique and easy way for this organization to not only sell tickets online, but also recruit vendors and sponsors. We gave them an outlet where they can publish real-time information about an event and earn money using PayPal donations.

Every event is different, and the way the events are presented on the website reflect this differentiation through customization.

Custom Animations

Throughout the website we display custom animations, including a real-time chart that displays the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi's commitment to the community and mental healthcare. Relevant statistics are featured as well as a place for participant pictures and the organization's blog articles.

Project Results

Our involvement not only brought Mental Health Association of South Mississippi's digital brand into a new century; but helped people more-easily commit to events, donate to a wider array of projects, and helped spread the word about this fantastic organization. Our direct impact can be felt around the Mississippi Gulf Coast via offline promotional material, social media live events and a more-secure website to safely accept online donations.

For the first event Mental Health Association of South Mississippi held after the website went live, they had the biggest turnout and the most donations resulting from a single event in their history.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Mental Health Association
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Gulfport, Mississippi
  • SKILLS USED: WordPress, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS

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Client Testimonial

Mental Health Association Client Review Image

We had a wonderful experience working with Eric Oliver and his team at Future Design Group. They took everything we asked for and made it beautiful for us. The site looks great! We are really happy and excited to reach more people who need our support.
- Kay D, Mental Health Association of South Mississippi


Horizon Interactive Awards Bronze, Mental Health Association of South Mississippi Website