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Pathways 2 Possibilities Expo App project

Pathways 2 Possibilities Expo App Project

P2P is a Gulf Coast leader in learning and engaging services for students who want to learn about their future careers.

Engage. Educate.


P2P is an interactive, hands-on, career exploration experience, designed for 8th graders in public and private schools as well as home-schooled students.

Due to COVID-19, P2P had to develop their expo as a virtual event. In order to do this but keep the learning atmosphere, we helped them develop an app that is informative, interactive and that would continue helping kids learn more about their perspective careers.

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Pathways 2 Possibilities


Regional Mississippi


App Design, App Logo Design

P2P Login screen

App Interactivity & Gamification

Interactive career pathways to choose from
Information for individual careers to help students learn about their future
Learning can be fun with our app, students can earn achievements
We gamified the application to make it fun to learn about new careers
Informational pathways that students can read about and watch embedded videos on

Informational Pathways
After learning about their career the students can earn rewards by answering randomized real-time quizzes

Real-Time Quizzes