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Sutong China Tire Resources logo

Sutong CTR Website Design Project

Sutong, China Tire Resources, Inc. was expanding their company into the North American market and needed new websites to transition/merge their existing Chinese brand for those audiences.

Sutong China Tire Resources animiated tire design Sutong China Tire Resources tires

Treading into

the Digital Age

We helped created and establish two news brands for Sutong. This included social media strategies, ad buys, custom icons, and two new websites. Their websites allows dealers and buyers to register products, filter their entire catalog of products, and get up to date news about their company and products.

When a brand wants to expand across the world, we know how to help them get a head start.

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Sutong China Tire Resources




Website Design, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media

Website Design

Sutong China Tire Resources login screen for resellers
Sutong China Tire Resources product filter
Social Media Posting

Sutong China Tire Resources social media boosted posts and ads
Sutong China Tire Resources Synergy and Hemisphere branded website design

Icon Design

Sutong Icon 1Sutong Icon 2Sutong Icon 3Sutong Icon 4Sutong Icon 5Sutong Icon 6Sutong Icon 7Sutong Icon 8Sutong Icon 9Sutong Icon 10Sutong Icon 11Sutong Icon 12Sutong Icon 13Sutong Icon 14Sutong Icon 15Sutong Icon 16Sutong Icon 17Sutong Icon 18Sutong Icon 19Sutong Icon 20Sutong Icon 21Sutong Icon 22Sutong Icon 23Sutong Icon 24Sutong Icon 25Sutong Icon 26

How We Did

165% Increase in
Website Traffic

80% Increase In
Brand Recognition


225% Increase in
Social Engagement