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WP Online Contract Plugin Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Project Objective

We have built many WordPress sites and many WordPress plugins…but never our own. We thought that should change. As with all great inventions, necessity is the mother. We have always used a strictly PHP contact system we built years ago…with advancements in WordPress and since our new design is WordPress driven, we felt that our first dip into the plugin waters should be our online contract management system.

The Brand

We were weary with pushing out our own plugins, but since we have done it many times before, we tried it…with great success. We pushed our plugin to CodeCanyon and have had great reviews. Some customers have labeled our online contract plugin as “one of the biggest breakthroughs in WP”…so, suffice to say, we are happy with the results and will start pushing out more of our internal ideas.

WP Online Contract Plugin Branding

Project Features

WP Online Contract is our first plugin that we developed for Future Design Group using WordPress. We pushed it out because we saw a need and filled it. It has been active for years and is currently a best-selling plugin worldwide.

The Original

Our online contract plugin is as unique as it is useful. Before we decided to go live with our idea we did our research…and strangely enough, this has never been done before. Believe it or not, WordPress does not have a good online contract system. We literally hit the jackpot with our plugin. An open market with so much room to grow. Once we published our plugin, we had orders coming in almost instantly.

We have received a lot of good reviews and even better suggestions. Our plugin has morphed into something that we did not expect and with help from our customers, we are making it better all the time. Not only are we making a better product for our customers, but a better solution for our clients since we use the online contract plugin with our clients.

Going Paperless

With our online contract plugin you business can make that step toward being green by going paperless, at least where you handle your contract and even some of your payments. Reduce your footprint by giving your clients the opportunity to view, sign, and even pay your contracts online. Your clients can print to a printer, saves the signed contract as a PDF, and even pay right from the link using Paypal or one of our other integrated payment methods.

Get paid quicker and help your client help you with our online contract plugin. We have used this plugin with many of our clients and they absolutely love signing the contract online compared to the old method of snail mail or fax…who has time for that. Now, with the click of a button, your client has their contract, their payment, and you have piece of mind before starting a project.

Go green and get paid quicker and make your team or agency look more professional than they already do.

Project Results

WP Online Contract was the first online contract management plugins for WordPress. The plugin is still sold on a daily basis and has been implemented in almost every country in the world. CodeCanyon listed Future Design Group as the top new author when it was published and the plugin has been trending once a month since. We utilize this plugin on a daily basis and continue development and adding new features every few months.

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: WP Online Contract Plugin
  • CLIENT LOCATION: International
  • SKILLS USED: WordPress, PHP, jQuery, CSS

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