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Future Design Group has worked with clients from around the world and their businesses to build great brand identities through logo design. Working alongside our clients, we strive to understand their goals and mission to develop a logo that clearly communicates who they are in a simple and timeless fashion. In addition to designing great logos, we seek to educate our clients as to the power of a good logo and how it can positively strengthen the success of their brand.

Logo design is essential to the success of a brand. A professional logo is a powerful tool that creates instant recognition for your business. Your logo makes or breaks your brand. When properly branded, your logo will function to set you apart from your competitors. New companies and businesses can often feel that a lack of customers and limited funds is a justifiable reason to put off logo design until revenue increases. As a result, the lack of having a properly designed logo makes branding the new company very difficult. Moreover, a poorly designed logo makes initial customers harder to place their trust in you and can result in a failed business venture. Ultimately, how your logo design appears within your brand will make or break your company.

Other than a visual identifier of your company, a strong and well-designed logo will help your company stand out from the masses of visual marketing clutter. The best logo designs have these important characteristics:

  • Uniqueness – Does your logo design follow the stereotypical representations of your industry? In a similar manner, does it put a new and unique spin on former ideas?
  • Simplicity – A complex logo will date within a few years. Keep it simple from the start, this makes for a memorable logo.
  • Consistency – Is your logo consistent with all areas of your brand identity?  Does your logo communicate consistently to your industry, target market, brand personality and level of quality from the start?
  • Adaptability – Can your customer still see your logo well if printed very small or used in black & white settings such as copies and faxes?
  • Visual Polish – Is your logo clean and sharp visually? A company’s logo design should not display a homemade sketch or look like clip-art unless you intend to convey very low-quality offerings.

Our Process

The first step of the logo design process at Future Design Group is understanding our client’s needs and goals. Before any creative work takes place, we strive to understand our client through questions like:

  • What is the mission (and vision) of your business?
  • What do you hope to achieve from your business in the next 5-15 years?
  • How do you connect with your customers?
  • How do you promote and generate customer loyalty and repeat business?
  • Who is your targeted demographic group?

What You Receive

After we define a target message with the client, creative work takes place. First, we design several unique logo solutions in black and white which we present to the client as a PDF. After reviewal and discussion, the client selects a concept, and we work to refine the design of this logo.  After we perfect the final black and white logo, we introduce color variations. At the conclusion of the logo design process, we provide the client with high res files of the logo including EPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG and any other files they may request.

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