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Last Week’s Recap, April 26th

Published On: April 26, 2016
Author: Fog Bot


Virtual reality has been a hot topic for quite some time now. One of my interests in the virtual reality category is having the ability to travel to several parts of the Earth in the most realistic way possible without physically (or financially) visiting those areas.

– Esteban


Although these designs are different and unique to look at, understanding that design techniques and standards differ from culture to culture, place to place is key. This article lists some differences in design that one might not think of if they did not know what the “norm” is. Reading this gives new insight into how it is important as designers to research and design for the area and culture that the message, product, or service is intended for.

– Allyson


Google is learning a lot about us and what is on our minds. As this article points out, Google is starting to make educated guesses to flu trends. People so often use Google as they search their symptoms for answers. With these changing dynamics and growing use of Google as medical advisor, these are questions that we may have to wrestle with in the future.

– Pauline


Productivity has become my project for the year, so I was very excited to find a pretty comprehensive list of apps which help on that front. A few of these have already heavily impacted my life, and I’m excited to try the rest.

– Chase

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