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Last Week’s Recap, May 10th

Published On: May 10, 2016
Author: Fog Bot


The Raspberry Pi is about $35 and is a mini computer. This open source technology allows you to create a variety of things! One of my favorite projects I’ve stumbled upon is the Game Boy Zero. I am definitely keeping this in the back of my mind for future projects.

– Esteban


Video streaming is getting a new look and feel. Blab is a new video streaming platform, still in it’s beta development, that is being used to introduce and promote products, ideas and events. Blab can help start conversations and enhance the brand experience consumers have.

– Allyson


We’ve all heard about responsive web design and logos but this is the ultimate responsive logo. Once I learned that this fluctuating logo will even respond to my voice I became a fan. It has an infinite number of variations yet always stays consistent to the brand. I hope this becomes an influential idea in the design world.

– Pauline


I walked into my room with my cat swishing her tail on my desk, and my laptop on the ground. The laptop is fine, and the cat and I had a sit down, but that accident (yes, I’ll call it such) got me thinking about backing up data in a serious way, and this article helped.

– Chase

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