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Learning To Code

Published On: July 19, 2016

Thanks to the internet, there are tons of resources for learning how to code on your own. It can sometimes be overwhelming as far as finding out where to start and which source to put your full trust into. Any tutorial or resource is usually a great start, but I’m going to share my favorite resources so far for teaching children how to code. I will also include a resource for older teens, young adults, and even adults to use (CodeAcademy).

Code Studio

Code Studio is a fun and interactive way for children of all ages to get into programming. I would say it’s the more “modern” approach for children today since they use things like Minecraft and Flappy Bird to grab the interest while learning. You can create an account to keep up with completed activities, or just get on the site and try some activities without signing up.

Scratch Programming

Scratch programming allows you to learn the basics of programming and logical thinking without jumping straight into the confusing world of code. It uses drag and drop blocks in order to create a sequence of events. These events can be used to create animations, drawings, games, and more. This is usually used by children ages 8 to 16, but can complex enough for all ages.

Code Academy

Code Academy is a great to learn code which involves interactive learning. The above 2 resources (Scratch Programming and Code Studio) are aimed for a younger audience because they use games to capture and retain the interest while teaching the fundamentals of code. Code Academy is the next step to take, or at least that is how I got my start. You can choose to start learning how to develop websites or jump straight into server side programming languages like Python. Code Academy is interactive enough to feel like a game so you are learning code while having that feeling of accomplishment after each project.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Learning to code is a powerful tool to have under your belt in this day in age. Whether you are in elementary school, high school, college, working, or retired, it’s never too late to learn how to code. If you are wanting to teach your child how to code, I would suggest starting off with either Scratch programming or Code Studio. If they seem to breeze through those sites, or you are old enough not to use games or drag and drop boxes, I would suggest visiting Code Academy to learn how to program or build websites.

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