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Mississippi Meetup Groups to Checkout

Published On: February 20, 2015
Author: Eric Oliver

Are you new to Mississippi and you want to join a tech group on Meetup to find local, like-minded individuals? Well, we know how you feel and would like to present the Mississippi Meetup tech groups we found on Meetup.com that you may find interesting.  As a Mississippi website design agency, we know what it takes to get people to come out of their shells and embrace Mississippi technology. So, to help this, we have assembled a list of great meetups for techies.

We grabbed their information from Meetup.com to give you a bit of info about them. Take a look at them and see how they can benefit you.  We have our picks, but in no particular order, our picks for Mississippi meetup groups:

[col-md-3]Mississippi Gulf Coast Tech Startup[/col-md-3] [col-md-9]

Mississippi Gulf Coast Tech Startup

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Tech group is focused on fostering the tech community in the Coastal Mississippi region. We are a collection of current entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, developers, investors, educators, students, and service providers. The meetup group is intended to provide a regular meeting for those interested in starting, growing, working for, investing in or providing valuable services to technology companies in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area.

The MSGC Tech Meetup is being created by me, Alex Eller, to build a community of people interested in all aspects of tech startups. Other areas of the country have thriving and supportive “user groups” for every tech topic imaginable. I am a Software Engineer that has worked for AOL/Advertising.com for the past 13 years, with the last 6 being remotely from Mississippi. I am also working on my own startup. I started the Jackson Tech Startup Group in May 2012, which now has 130+ members that come together once a month to share their ideas, talent, and support with each other. Now living on the Mississippi gulf coast, I am starting a similar group here to build the same kind of community.

I have reached out to partner with the Biloxi Innovation Center to help grow the group and host the event. It is a great match, a group of people that are interested in starting businesses, and a business that facilitates startups.

The general format of the monthly meeting is:

  • Opening remarks and updates
  • A Startup pitching of product or idea / call for feedback
  • A Technical talk on something functionally useful to build a tech startup (wordpress tutorial/virtual hosting howto’s, …)
  • A Business talk (business formation, intellectual property protection, using social media, …)
  • Break out sessions for the 3 talks of the evening if needed
  • Mix and mingle, meet your peers, share ideas, network

If this sounds like something you or anyone you know would be interested in, please visit the website, join the group, and help spread the word to grow the group.

[/col-md-9] [col-md-12]

[/col-md-12] [col-md-3] [/col-md-3] [col-md-9]

MSCoast Developers Hack Night

A friendly place to meet developers interested in building and making their products better. Not the 9to5ers, but passionate debs/designers wanting to build bigger and better. Newb friendly.

[/col-md-9] [col-md-12]

[/col-md-12] [col-md-3] [/col-md-3] [col-md-9]

Gulf Coast Blacks in Technology

This is a group for African American Information Technology professionals on the Gulf Coast including Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. It is open to professionals in all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. I started this group to assemble the brightest minds on the Gulf Coast for socializing and to make an impact in the African American Community. We will meet monthly to discuss opportunities to infuse our communities with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic through teaching, training and mentoring economically disadvantaged youths and adults.

[/col-md-9] [col-md-12]

[/col-md-12] [col-md-3]Jackson Area Web and App Developers[/col-md-3] [col-md-9]

Jackson Area Web and App Developers {jawad}

This group is for professional web designers and developers looking to network with others in the industry, learn about new or emerging technologies, and for anyone looking to learn web development (beginner to advanced).
We talk design for the web, share experiences with use of different tools & languages, critique web sites, talk industry, business, employment news, and share motivations and inspirations. This group is intended to become a hub for all today’s technologies that make up the Internet as we know it.

We meet monthly in informal settings (usually over coffee, drink and /or food) to network and socialize with other fellow web development professionals and enthusiasts.


View our website: http://developers.ms/

Sign up for our weekly newsletter for tutorials and web development news, and to keep a pulse on the local tech community! http://developers.ms/newsletter

Anyone looking to be a part of the group, either as a speaker or an organizer, please contact me, Nader Dabit.

[/col-md-9] [col-md-12]

[/col-md-12] [col-md-3]Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs[/col-md-3] [col-md-9]

Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs

The Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs group is focused on fostering the tech community in the central Mississippi region. We are a collection of current entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, developers, investors, educators, students, and service providers.

The meetup group is intended to provide a regular meeting for those interested in starting, growing, working for, investing in or providing valuable services to technology companies in the Jackson, MS area.

[/col-md-9] [col-md-12]

[/col-md-12] [col-md-3]Google Developer Group Mississippi[/col-md-3] [col-md-9]

Google Developer Group Mississippi

Welcome to the Google Developer Group of Central Mississippi. This is a free and fun meetup group open to public, and welcomes everyone interested in learning more about Google technologies. It’s a great way to meet, talk and make friends with other Mississippi developers who are using Google technologies to create interesting and innovative projects. GDG Central Mississippi (GDG-MS) welcomes you to attend one of our upcoming meetings!

We’re working on a roster of monthly events, to include activities such as live streaming of Google events, codelabs and hackathons, and plan to add presentations by group members and guest speakers. These presentations will feature talks discussing APIs and platforms such as Android, Chrome, Google Maps and Earth, Google TV, App Engine, the Google Prediction API, Dart, Google Web Toolkit and Google+.

We’ll also add an interesting lecture series on startups and entrepreneurship, watch some amazing user interaction design videos, bring special guests and enjoy craft beer for fun. Please note: GDG-MS is a meetup group of developers from Jackson, Starkville, H’burg and surrounding MS areas that is independently organized by individuals, and is not a part of Google, Inc.

[/col-md-9] [col-md-12]


For now, it is a short list, but we hope that as Mississippi gains traction in the technology community, so will meetup groups. If you have any others, please let us know in the comments so we can take a look at them.

If you are interested in learning more about how this topic can help your business, please contact our agency on our contact page or call us at 1-888-964-4991. We publish a new article once or twice per month so make sure to follow us on social media and allow for push notifications if you want to stay in the loop with our agency and digital marketing.

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