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Why Your Business Needs A Modern Website

Published On: November 6, 2015

Modern Website Design for your Business

In today’s world, having a modern website is just as important as having a storefront. Not all websites sell products, but they all bring in traffic depending on how the website was created and configured. The benefits of a modernized website can be seen in visual and technical points of view. I’ll begin to go over why it’s important your business website is presented properly.

Appreciate Your Customers

The visual representations of successful businesses share at least one important element: customer satisfaction. This includes making sure your store/office remains clean and portrays a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for customers, laying out the store/office so customers can navigate with ease, and providing customers with up-to-date information at all times. Your website is no different.

We are at the point where everything has gone mobile. There are more tablets and mobile phones being used for obtaining information than there are laptops and desktops in today’s world. This was not the case a couple years ago, which is why A LOT of websites that have not recently updated will not look as appealing on mobile devices as they may on a desktop computer or laptop. To add on to that statement, if your website hasn’t been updated to conform to modern website standards within the last year or two, there is a chance that the overall design of the website does not appeal to your target audience and will cause them to leave the page within seconds. Typically, users tend to have 5 seconds from when the website loads before clicking off due to the frustrating design of a website.

User Experience is Key

We live in a fast paced society where people want results immediately. The user is likely to leave a website, especially on mobile devices, if they have to constantly zoom in to view certain items on a website. The easier it is for a customer to navigate through a website and find exactly what they need, chances of them returning to that website or contacting that business increase dramatically. A modern website should provide adequate information about the business without overwhelming the user. Key elements and services should be explained, in detail, on their own page which the user got to by clicking on elements that were strategically placed throughout the website. The end goal is to try and get users to navigate to the important pages of the website to learn more about what exactly the business is about. A modern website design is important.

Want To Get Found On Google?

This is something everyone should be interested in: being found. The other important element involved in the creation of a modern website is what goes on behind the scenes. Once the website is created and ready for the web, developers step behind the curtain to optimize the website for Google searches with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The majority of users will go no further than the second page of a Google search, and that’s if they actually go to the second result page.

Getting to the first page of Google doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and work. Agencies usually offer monthly and yearly website maintenance plans for this specific reason. Google has search bots that ping websites to gather data on website modernization, keywords, consistent content integration, and many other elements. Having a business blog is a good way of consistently integrating content to the website and keeping it up to date.

In Conclusion

Having a modernized website is extremely important in the growth of a business. In this day in age, users typically take 5 seconds to view a website before clicking off the page due to a frustrating design. A Mobile friendly modern website is not only important for a satisfying user experience, it also helps the chances of being easily found on Google.

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