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Future Developers Marketing & Adveritsing Project

Future Developers Project Objective

Project Objective

There are many ways to have fun and enjoy the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but one thing that it lacks is a technology community. Future Developers is about getting kids, teens, and young adults interested in the tech world and giving them the ability to create something from nothing using programming fundamentals.

Future Developers started as the brainchild of a local developer and has created a movement within the young generation of Mississippi's tech-savvy kids.

The objective was to create something unique and fun that would catch the attention of kids and their parents, and show them that programming can be exciting.

The Brand

The brand is simple and focuses on the FUTURE. We styled their website to interact with the visitor and the Future Developers' logo. Throughout the site is an amazing space system with parallax backgrounds and a moving rocket, as well as other animations such as a floating astronaut.

Future Developers immediately shows what is possible for developers and graphic designers of all ages by showcasing a unique and interesting website and brand.

Future Developers Branding

Project Features

Creative and unique parallax scrolling website with interactive elements including a rocket ship that flies, a floating astronaut, and fixed planets and stars. Scrolling top to bottom of the site allows the visitor to land their rocket in the launchpad.

Unique Space Theme Parallax

In order to grab the attention of Future Developers' visitors, we created a unique and creative "atmosphere" where the Future Developers' story comes to life as they scroll.

You start with a rocket and astronaut floating with a moon in open space. As you scroll, the stars move, the astronaut and moon disappear and you see the effects of flying closer to earth.

As you continue down the website the stars begin to fade and turn into the atmosphere, then eventually turn into sky and finally a launchpad dedicated to landing the rocket that has followed you throughout your journey.

One-Of-A-Kind Rocket

Our favorite part of the website and brand was creating the interactive rocket. We incorporated the logo into an image that scrolls with the user and even lands in a launchpad at the bottom of the website.

As you can see in the image, the rocket has two states that are used during flight and while the rocket is stationary. We created a script that takes the position of the rocket and uses scroll direction to display the rocket with or without flames and even turns it to match the direction of the visitor.

Try it out!

This is a live version of the site, give it a whirl.

Project Results

Since this is the first organization of its kind of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we have little metrics to compare to. In the first year, they had 8 students ranging from 8 to 14 years old. During the class, the instructors and the organization were asked to create more classes for a wide array of ages, and also to create online-only classes.

The marketing campaign is measured on the response from the community, and we can honestly say the response was truly amazing!

Finished Project

  • PROJECT LINK: Future Developers
  • CLIENT LOCATION: Biloxi, Mississippi
  • SKILLS USED: WordPress, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS

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