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Published On: June 25, 2018
Author: Eric Oliver

5 Common Customer Touchpoints

What are your customer touchpoints? Take a look at our 5 common customer touchpoints to see where you could be reaching your customers.

Have you ever tried to figure out your customer touchpoints? It is easier than it sounds. Take a look at our 5 common customer touchpoints to see where you could be reaching your customers.

What Are Customer Touchpoints?

According to the dictionary, a “customer touchpoint” is any point in time where a business and a customer interact to share information. While that definition communicates in a very literal way what a touchpoint is, it does very little to show the meaning and importance of customer touchpoints, and how improving them can improve customer relationships.

A more critical definition would be something like this: “a point of meeting between company and customer that allows the company an opportunity to demonstrate its usefulness to the customer.” In short, customer touchpoints are essential because they allow you to create a unique selling opportunity, and if a company is smart, they’ll capitalize on the opportunity.

Below are some of the most common customer touchpoints in the world today and how they can change the landscape of your business.

1. Billboards

Time-honored and true, billboards are inexpensive and passive forms of advertising that your audience has a hard time avoiding. If placed strategically – such as a fast-food advertisement next to exit that takes you to the establishment – billboards can create a sense of urgency and direction in the consumer. Moreover, most new billboards can be modernized, creating a simple-but-effective rotating advertisement. And despite their less-than-flashy appeal, 71% of customers still claim they look at roadside billboards, so you can’t afford to ignore them.

2. Social Media

Social Media Marketing. It’s all around us these days and it’s incredibly powerful. Future generations will only become more accustomed to seeing brands on the internet and interacting with them. Rather than being a single touchpoint (i.e., before, during, or after purchase), social media can be all three at the same time: the point of contact to introduce you to the product, customer service during, and relevant content and follow-up messages after. Where social media shines is in its ability to tap into a local network, so not only will you interact with one customer, but potentially thousands.

3. Packaging

Like a billboard, a package is a static advertisement for what’s on the inside of the lining. Depending on the niche you’re in, you could choose to convey an elegant feel or a more casual vibe. Some companies are even combining technology with packaging to create an interactive environment whereby the customer can listen to music or play a game on their phone – a handy tool considering 91% of customers have a smartphone.

4. Customer Service Call Centers

Another touch point that is often not considered is when a customer calls a customer service call center with a problem they’re having with either the product or service provided. There are two ways this can generally be handled: argumentative and aggressive, or helpful and considerate. Training your representatives to behave agreeably will help soothe the customer and encourage them to revisit the company at a future date. Not to mention having a friendly reply and rational conversation creates loyalty within the customer, which in turn, drives repeat sales.

5. Direct Mail

Although direct mail has fallen out of popularity with many business owners due to its limited reach and high cost, it can still have a significant impact for a local business owner that wants to create awareness within their community. Depending on the size of the distribution, creating flyers and mailing them can cost less than $0.50 each, and can be loaded with information about sales and coming events. When used correctly and to the right demographic, direct mail can be fantastic for customer awareness.

Don’t skip out on the importance of customer touchpoints. Though it might seem tedious to put effort into the small details on every one of these areas, the payoff can be enormous, even if it is a little bit at a time. Learn more about some of these by checking out our services page!


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