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Published On: August 24, 2018
Author: Kelly Oliver

7 SEO Tools That Your Business Needs

There are plenty of SEO tools that can make it easier to juggle the business’ online responsibilities without sacrificing everyday business needs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be more time-consuming than you may realize. This is especially true if you have to divide the time you spend taking care of SEO-related “stuff” like tracking keyword performance, paying attention to conversations generated from your website, and how well your online efforts are helping to bring people to your physical business location.

FDG-SEO Tools Your Business Needs

Fortunately, there are plenty of SEO tools that can make it easier to juggle optimization responsibilities without sacrificing the attention your business needs to run effectively. Here are seven essential SEO tools to consider.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool that can provide a treasure trove of info with regards to what kind of traffic your website is attracting and how well your site is performing. Google Analytics reports can be easily customized to show everything from how many conversations your website is generating to which pages are being visited the most and how long searchers are sticking around.

2. SEMRush

Are paid ads part of your online marketing strategy? If so, then use SEMRush to find profitable keywords quickly. It can be useful if you’re just starting your keyword research process or looking to see how current keywords you are using are ranking. SEMRush tools can also be used to perform website audits, check backlink sources, determine site positioning on search engines, and analyze what your competitors are doing online. You’ll also have access to easy-to-read charts that conveniently present all relevant data.

3. Ahrefs

If you want to select one go-to tool for backlinks, Ahrefs is a good choice. With the full suite of backlink tools available, you can analyze your own site to make sure links pointing back to your site are from reputable sources. Use the results to know which links to remove or disavow. Ahrefs also lets you see where your competitors are getting their links from.

4. Screaming Frog

Need an SEO tool with a lot of bells and whistles? Look no further than Screaming Frog. A particularly appealing feature is Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider tool, which allows you to do a technical SEO audit of your site. Simply type in your site’s domain and all sub-domains will be crawled as well from an SEO point-of-view. What you’ll get is a comprehensive analysis of your various web pages. Because of the way optimization issues are displayed, you don’t need to have a deep understanding of SEO to use Screaming Frog to find bad redirects, duplicate pages, missing metadata, and other things that need attention.

5. Moz

Moz offers an assortment of SEO tools that can definitely help you boost your bottom line, at least in terms of your online marketing goals. If you’re going to opt for just one Moz tool, consider making it Moz Local. It’s an invaluable tool for local SEO purposes since it can quickly audit your citations (mentions of your business-related info online). This way you can see if you need to correct any inconsistencies with your directory listings, or duplicate pages you need to remove. Moz also has tools that can help you do a keyword-driven audit and evaluate link data.

6. Netpeak Checker

Streamline your SEO analysis needs by using Netpeak Checker to audit URLs according to various parameters. It’s a time-saving tool because it can be used to analyze hundreds of URLs and data in a matter of minutes. Pages can also be quickly reviewed as per your preferred SEO factors. The results can be used to help you optimize your website’s pages and analyze the backlink profile for your site and your competitors’ sites.

7. URL Profiler

URL Profiler is a handy tool you can use to audit links, content, and social data at the URL and domain level from your other website analysis accounts. It’s a software-based solution that can serve many purposes, from collecting authoritative data about links and reviewing referral sources to checking for duplicate content in bulk (if you use your Copyscape API).

None of these SEO tools will be all that helpful if you don’t have a solid online marketing strategy in place. You need to know things such as what you hope to accomplish with your online interactions, who you are targeting, and what results you hope to achieve. Don’t forget to place just as much emphasis on the quality of your content. Once you have these basics in place, the SEO tools discussed here can help you fine-tune and improve your online engagement results.


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