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Published On: February 9, 2015
Author: Eric Oliver

8 Good Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website

Are you due to redesign your business website? Take a look at our list and see why you should think about redesigning your website before it is to late.

When it is time to redesign your business website you will realize that it is a big project. Maybe you have been putting it off due to budget restraints or time investment…but you should really consider why you need a website redesign before it is to late and you lose potential visitors and customers.

8 Good Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website

A website redesign is typically a wise investment.  Your website is your primary online marketing tool and one of the first places a potential customer goes to find out more about your business and products. Make sure you wow them and make your website accessible to them.

Take a look at our top 8 good reasons why you might want to talk to a marketing agency and give your business website design a makeover.

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  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly or Responsive
    Mobile device usage is growing faster than anyone ever expected.  More users view your website on their phone or tablet than they do on their home or office computer.  If you website loads slowly or does not work properly on a mobile phone or tablet, 98% of the time, you just lost a customer.Responsive websites allow you to create content for all devices and resolutions from one central location compared to a redundant location such as a subdomain.  Google has begun to rank websites using HTML5 and responsive designs higher than their counterparts that still use mobile redirects to display duplicate content on a mobile subdomain. By incorporating responsive design into your website, you can be assured of reaching a large audience than a non mobile-friendly website.
  2. Update Your Code and Functionality
    The internet changes every day.  HTML5 is the new norm, SSL is being used by Google to give better rankings, and older coding standards can do more harm than good when it comes to SEO.With a website redesign, you can take advantage of the latest technology that ensures your website operates and looks like it should across multiple browsers and devices.
  3. Rebrand?
    If you business has re-branded itself, a new re-branded website should be expected.  Bring your new brand to the masses by redesigning your website to fit the new brand.
  4. Improve Usability
    If your visitors get lost on your website or your pages are outdated or missing, they will leave ASAP and you will lose another customer. Completing a website redesign will push you to test the new functionality and fix past usability issues.
  5. Still Using MySpace?
    If you browse the internet like we do, you see a lot of outdated websites that still reference dead or dying social networks such as MySpace or Digg.  When a visitor sees this, they know that you are either out of business or out of touch with the latest consumer trends.Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest give you more presence then just having a page.  It gives your visitors a way to interact with you in real time.  Not linking to up to date social networks is like shooting yourself in the foot with a rusty nail.A website redesign and not only show your social presence but give your visitors a way to share your website and content more easily with on page functionality.
  6. Add New Functionality
    In the ever changing face of the internet, staying up to date with trends and functionality is key to being a success online. A website redesign allows you to add new features to your website that incorporate a usable, more stylish approach.  By redesigning your website, you can incorporate new ideas and functionality into your website seamlessly compared to it being an after thought.

    • Add a new blog: Blogging is not just for bloggers any more.  Most if not all top visited websites have some sort of new or blog built in that allows for your visitors to see what is on their mind.  Blogging gives your website credibility and shows that your website is updated and managed by humans, not just robots.
    • eCommerce: Add products to your website, integrate a fully functional shopping cart with secure payment options, give your visitors a reason to come back.
    • Analytics: Analytics are a key part of having a successful business online. Track what your visitors do on your website and improve their experience.
  7. Just Make a Change
    Websites become boring after years of use.  Create a new spark with a website redesign and blast your social networks and followers with your progress.  Generate interest in what is new and fresh.
  8. Integrate a Suitable Content Management System
    Believe it or not, content management systems like WordPress or Joomla have made it so easy to update and manage a website that using hard coded flat HTML is a thing of the past.If you need to update your website, redesign it with a CMS in mind.  Make your future life easier by making your workload diminish.  Never have to update HTML code and repush to a server…just log in to your secure admin and save your changes.
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Redesigning your business website can be stressful and does cost money, but partnering with a good web design firm like Future Design Group can make the process a lot easier (and even fun!). Remember, a well-designed website is one of the most effective marketing tools you’ve got – make the most of it by keeping it fresh, up-to-date, and easy to use.

Do your business a favor and redesign your business website occasionally to make it stand out and continue to bring in new customers.

Do you have an opinion about why you should redesign your website?  Let us know below.

If you are interested in learning more about how this topic can help your business, please contact our agency on our contact page or call us at 1-888-964-4991. We publish a new article once or twice per month so make sure to follow us on social media and allow for push notifications if you want to stay in the loop with our agency and digital marketing.

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