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Published On: August 31, 2018
Author: Contributing Author

A Guide to Fun Giveaways On Social Media

Fun giveaways on social media are a great way to grow a new business’ following and increase branding reach.

Social media is a great resource to utilize for any business small or large. That’s because social media can reach people far and wide. This reach is especially helpful for first-time business owners. Social media helps to get the word out about their business to people all over the globe. Sometimes, new businesses struggle with social media. They see that their new Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account doesn’t have as many followers as other businesses that have already been established for years. That’s no major cause for concern. Anyone can grow their following and gain new customers by running a social media account that accurately portrays the values of the business. To get to that point and gain new followers, however, a little bit of effort needs to be put forth. Running giveaways is a great way to grow a social media following.

Why are Giveaways so Important?

People love things that are free. Giveaways are a great way to get people to follow your business because they appeal to a wide range of people. A simple giveaway will have someone clicking to join to win a prize. Giveaways are crucial to growing a social media site because they encourage people far and wide to follow your business page. This allows you to get more likes which in turn means more potential customers. Giveaways are also crucial because it’s just another way for word of mouth to spread. People who see a giveaway they love will, in turn, tell their friends to follow that social media page.

What People Look for in a Giveaway

You’ll want a giveaway that sets your business apart from the crowd otherwise it gets lost. Almost all businesses continuously run giveaways. You’ll want to do something a little different to get your business noticed. Have fun, but at the same time make sure it’s something that will directly benefit your business. People live giveaways that are simple. They don’t want something that entails taking long-winded surveys or paying money to enter. Keep it short and sweet, and you’ll see people becoming interested in no time. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, offer something unique.

Unique Ideas for Giveaways

When most businesses host a giveaway, they all do something similar. This usually entails having people share a post to be entered into a drawing. That works for short-term goals. If you want to grow your business over time, then you need to give a reason for people to keep coming back. Free content is the easiest example. If you run a bakery, you could give away recipies. If you run a self-help site, free phone psychic readings would pair well with your audience. Think outside the box!

The giveaway must be relatable to the crowd that would be seeking out such a website. It’s unique because most people wouldn’t genuinely seek out a psychic reading. If it’s offered to them as part of a giveaway, however, then they’re more likely to check it out.

Finding People to Partner With

One great way to grow your social media presence as a business owner is by partnering with a fellow business owner to come up with fun and creative giveaways. Giveaways are great because it essentially works as a swap. People who follow your page may, in turn, follow the other businesses’ page and vice versa. Find a business that’s similar but different than yours. For example, say you own a nail salon. You’ll want to find a business that offers a different set of pampering services such as a massage place or perhaps a hair salon. That way, you don’t have to worry about them taking your business. It still works out well, however, because people interested in getting their nails done may also be interested in being pampered in other ways.

Use the Power of Free to Make Customers Happy

There’s no reason that you have to promise gift cards, money off, or other expensive services to grow your social media following. Sometimes, potential guests want to show that they’re appreciated. To do this, host a variety of small giveaways. As an example, if you own a hair salon, then you can do a giveaway where anyone who gets their hair colored is eligible for a free cut as well. That way, your company isn’t losing out on the money. On the contrary, you’ll see an uptick in sales which is worth more than the haircut was worth in the first place.

Space Your Giveaways Out

To get the most out of your giveaways, make sure you’re spacing them apart. A business that does a new giveaway every few days can get overwhelming. This also becomes a turn off for potential customers. That’s because the customers see that it’s a business potentially in trouble who is just trying to get more traction. A giveaway every other week or once a month is a great timeframe to keep in mind. That’s because it gives you the option to leave your giveaway open for an extended period. It also allows for time to notify the winners, and it lets them enjoy their moment in the spotlight before a new one is announced. Having time in-between giveaways also gives potential customers time to get excited about the new and upcoming one.

Keep Them Exciting and Keep Them Coming

Once you do one giveaway, you don’t just want to fall off the face of the earth. Continue doing more to get people excited about your business. Try to tailor these giveaways to current themes, trends, and seasons. As long as you keep your giveaways exciting, people will flock to your page to see what you’re offering next. These offerings are a great way to get traction to your social media page constantly. Traction to your social media page, in turn, means more people will check out your website and your business itself.

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