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Published On: January 19, 2022
Author: Eric Oliver

Aspects of Your Business That Are Made Easier With Software

Software is key to your happiness as a business owner. Learn more about what's available and how to use it to maximize your business.

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Your business runs on the people who work with you, for you, and who purchase from you…but your software makes it all happen. Having adequate software to make all of your work efficient and secure matters. What are some of the aspects of being a small business owner that can be made easier with good software?

Generate Leads

Anything that makes generating leads easier for you, as a business owner, saves you time and effort, and therefore money. Using lead-generating software can help you to have the data needed so that you’re not cold calling or attempting to find customers. You want your leads to be easily found, efficient, and, most of all, productive to your company. The more leads that turn into clients and customers, the better!

Cut Wasted Time

Regardless of what kind of business you do, having excellent project management software can help you to increase productivity. While you don’t want to be micromanaging individual team members, as this can lead to loss of productivity both in your own days and as they rebel against lack of trust, you do want to see your people capable of working together. Being able to access work remotely, from many different stations, and knowing who is working on what point of individual projects will save you endless time and money.

Improve Customer Service

Modern customers expect your small business to be available to them twenty-four hours a day, all holidays, every day of the week. And, as a small business owner, that gives you the chance to either work yourself into a deep hole of frustration and stress or to learn to use tools that can help when technically your workers aren’t online or in the shop. This includes things like using bots as first tools who can direct customers to return information, customer service, or how to leave messages for later answers. This helps them feel productive and heard, which leads to greater satisfaction, and later, repeat business.

Help With Finances

You can’t streamline your business time and effort without making sure you know exactly where your money is. When it comes to invoicing clients, you don’t want to be missing anybody or to have misplaced the information or quotes given to them. Much of business inefficiency is doing things like having to look up those numbers again when they should be readily available. Accounting practice management software can streamline functions for better performance at your business.

Reduce SILOs

You love to have all of your data in the same place and to have it updated efficiently from all departments. This means a LOT of work on your end with each individual computer, making sure that each piece of software has updated to where you are storing the data, and making sure that outdated machines have everything backed up so that they can continue to add to the SILO. Lose the machine, lose the Data!  But, if you use Data management software to reduce SILOs in your small business, you get all of those things updated naturally when your software is up to date and ready to go. Data silos can make your data inaccurate or just not updated, which can, in turn, slow down not only your business in general but the good decisions you are making with it.

Audit Trails

You can’t be everywhere, and as your business grows, being able to know who your star performers are is a more and more complex prospect. Especially with remote work, knowing who is working best and hardest, who is the star of many projects, and who is goofing around can be even more frustrating for managers to understand. Good software can make it simple to see at least these general characteristics, while helping you see who your top performers are for real, not just the ones who take the credit.

Task Management

Small business owners have a huge volume of things to do. Even when you’ve grown your business enough to delegate to other individuals, so many tasks fall upon you as an owner that it can be overwhelming. Welcome to task management software, which can not only organize, but simplify your options. From setting daily checklists to delegating who does what, your task management software makes sure that each process is cared for and checked off with less hands-on management from you. Your team feels less micromanaged, takes more responsibility for tasks they are given, and is less overwhelmed in general. That’s winning all the way around.

Reduce Duplication and Manual Tasks

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do things once and have them stay done? Or, if at least you didn’t discover that you’d been duplicating your efforts with another team member, doing things twice? The software which can help with managing tasks gives you an easy button, essentially streamlining your process. For example, if you have a spreadsheet program for accounting, you still need to create invoices and billing for individual clients. However, if you are using accounting software, and it takes your accounting software, figures out who needs to be billed, and generates invoices and emails for you, this takes down your to-do list considerably!

Software, often updated and secure can help take your small business to the next marketing level. Your business already probably uses some type of software. Consider closely what places in your business might need extra care. Every business needs extra help in some form or another, and yours will be no different. Once you’ve determined which sector needs assistance, use the listings offered to you, and the vast expertise of those around you, to find the updated software which can help you best keep track of processes and tasks on a daily basis. After all, software that safely takes you to the next level can only make you less stressed as a businessperson, and your team happier to arrive at work to conquer the next day! Nothing can be better for an office than lowering office stress!

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