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Published On: June 14, 2016
Author: Eric Oliver

Business To Who?

When a business starts a social media there is one major consideration, does a company want to target customers or other businesses.

When a business starts a social media there is one major consideration, does a company want to target customers or other businesses.

Social media can be as clear as mud. Is it helpful? Which network is most important? Is it worth doing video, or are pictures fine? Should it be funny? What is the audience? If the company tries to answer if they want to go for customers, or businesses, the answers start to fall into place.

When targeting customers, the answers can be pretty obvious. Go to where the people are and use social media as the people do. When it comes to getting the attention of businesses, it becomes a little less clear. A large corporation probably isn’t too interested in a selfie, so what’s a business to do?

It helps to break down what the people at one company will be looking for when they are looking to make a deal with another company. Information. Whom ever is searching the web for companies to work with to rather to buy from, sell to, or collaborate with, that person will need to convince their boss it’s a good idea. The more good information a company has out there, the easier it’ll be to convince someone with deciding power a business is worth there time.

Be Informative!

It’s easy to be very vague or short when it comes to social media, but a company shouldn’t be afraid to get into the “boring” details of a product or service. To the general public, the specifications of a widget machine may not be very special, but someone with a widget factory would be very interested in seeing why a machine produces widgets twice as fast. In Business to Business the goal isn’t to get an entire social network to like you, but a few key people with decision making power. So, give them what they want.

Be Open!

Consider also marketing on Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be awesome for reaching consumers, but these networks require an account to be able to view their content. So if a company puts a clever ad on Instagram, and the dream client doesn’t have an Instagram account, that ad might as well not exist. A company should set itself up to hit as many spots as it makes sense.

Be Golden!

It is easy for a company to overdue social media, and being good at social media often means not pushing too hard. Followers and friends on social media will get fatigued with too much content, and on the flip side can be an unnecessary and unproductive for the company. So consider the golden rule, don’t post more than what you’d want to see other people posting.

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Oliver

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