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Published On: January 18, 2019
Author: Contributing Author

Digital Marketing Trends

New Year means New Trends! Custom content, AI, and live video are only a few of the Digital Marketing Trends of 2019.

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Let’s Dive Into Digital Marketing Trends for 2019.

A New Year means New Digital Marketing Trends! As a digital marketing agency, it is important for us to stay ahead of the trends in order to build marketing strategies that succeed. Increased use of social media, video streaming, and content engagement have increased the demand for specific marketing to your online audience. Let’s look over some of what 2019 has in store for digital marketing!
Ditial Marketing Trends for 2019, Digital Media Trends for Higher Marketing Intelligence and Marketing Strategies

What’s New with Digital Marketing Trends this Year?


A big digital marketing trend this year is personalization and marketing intelligence. Personalization of content, products, service offers, emails, social media, and more. Customers are becoming more aware of marketing offers and generic offers will not stand up to the businesses that tailor their marketing to their ideal customers. With the ability to now collect usable data such as online consumer behavior and purchase history; customized offers are improving both customer relationships and retention.

Content Marketing

Content is still king, but rather than posting or sharing content for the sake of content and SEO, marketers are looking deeper into who the intended users are and what has more meaning to them. Understanding those who within your target market and effectively marketing to them with specialized material is a rising trend in content marketing and helps improve your marketing strategies. Content may be king, but relevant content is effective marketing!

Artificial Intelligence

For better user experience, businesses are turning more and more to the technology of AI or Artificial Intelligence. AI can collect information about users, analyze it, apply it, and learn from it. Using this past behavioral data once collected, AI can provide personalized content that is relevant and engaging to the user, converting customers and increasing brand loyalty. AI can decide which content is best suited for individual users based on location, historical data, etc. This catered content gives the impression that the brand is built specifically for them, producing more potential leads to those who will convert.

  • Chatbots

    AI technology is also offering better ways to provide customer support to customers in the form of AI Chatbots. This automated software can communicate on your behalf to respond to basic questions, track orders, or solve simple problems 24/7. These chat interactions offer customer assistance that is personalized in a timely manner available whenever they need it.  This ends up saving you time and money, almost as if you have a 24/7 customer service team at your disposal.

Social Media Messaging Apps

With consumers spending more and more time on their smartphones, it would only seem smart to engage with them where they feel most comfortable. Social Media-based marketing allows you to market your products or services by sending messages directly to your customer with the added personalized touch that consumers are looking for today. Messaging apps provide several opportunities for your business to leverage your marketing perspective, from personalized customer service, direct sales, to building long-term customer relationships. This marketing trend represents the future of commerce, it would benefit your business’ bottom line to take advantage now.

Video Marketing

If you haven’t noticed yet, you soon will, video marketing is becoming one of the most preferred mediums to showcase content and increase customer engagement. Consumers are watching, engaging, and sharing videos more than ever, and businesses are taking advantage of this by producing more video content for their users. Videos are a great way to show off your brand’s personality and provide a lot of information in a format that not only grabs users’ attention but also can increase engagement rates.

  • Live Video

    Set to make a major impact on marketing in 2019, many businesses and influencers are opting to provide live video streams rather than the scripted variety. Viewers can interact directly with the video in the comments, ask questions, give answers, and engage with the video and the brand behind it. The spontaneity of live streaming also incorporates personalized content (as mentioned above).

  • 360º Video

    The immersive medium known as 360º videos enables viewers to move around and control their perspective. This gives your customers an interactive experience of your brand, increasing brand awareness and a personal connection to the products or services offered.

Virtual Reality(VR) Video

Not just for gaming anymore, VR is poised to make a big impact on not only digital marketing, but also in the sectors of education, healthcare, business, social media, and more. Businesses are leveraging this by providing unique experiences that put users inside a simulated reality.  Equally-useful for product demonstrations, interactive tours, brand awareness, and more, informed business owners are using this immersive experience to give potential customers a personal and interactive impression of their brand. As seen from the trends discussed above, personalization through content, AI, messaging, and video are all shaping up to be a big deal this year. Consumers are tired of the generic digital marketing trends of the past, they want sharable and engaging content, posts that are targeted and customized to their wants and needs. Incorporating these hot marketing trends for 2019 will revolutionize the way your business is seen, interpreted, and engaged with throughout the year to come.

So, did we miss any of the digital marketing trends for 2019? We are happy to hear from our readers on how they handle marketing their digital media this year. If you know any that are not on our list, please add them in the comments below.

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