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Published On: June 6, 2018
Author: Kenneth Pendleton

Drive Traffic To Your Blog With These Tips

Not only is a blog a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader within your niche, but you also can use it to drive traffic from search engines, allowing you to connect your business with consumers who actively engaged. Let us show you how you can drive traffic to your blog effectively with just a few tips.

A blog is key for your website to succeed. Not only is a blog a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader within your niche, but you also can use it to drive traffic from search engines, allowing you to connect your business with consumers who are actively engaged. Effectively driving traffic to your blog to key to connecting with potential customers. So, if you have a website for your business and you don’t have a blog, you could be missing out on a ton of potential traffic.

So, Let’s Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

Creating a blog isn’t hard, but you’ll have to do it right in order to maximize its efficiency. It may be a bit time-consuming and it may cost some money, but the payoff for your website’s organic traffic will start to show almost immediately. Below are a few tips to get you started on your way to drive traffic to your blog.

Write Relevant Content

Customers who visit your site are looking for an answer to their questions; if they find them, they’re more likely to engage with your business or share the information with other people. The goal of search engines like Google and Bing is to connect their users with this information, so the better your content meets their expectations, the better your search ranking will be. You can help drive traffic to your blog by writing good articles that show your expertise and answers commonly Googled questions. For example, you may have landed on this article by searching for ways to drive traffic to your blog. If you did, then this article has come full circle for us.

Create Unique Content

If you Google any topic, you’re more than likely going to get about a hundred different blog articles on that subject, some that are in-depth and some that are more shallow. The ones that stand out, however, are the ones who approach that subject fairly and comprehensively but do so in an engaging format, such as integrating pictures or infographics into the text. Step up your social media game! Put a share button on images so that visitors can easily tweet or share those on their personal platforms. Again, look at this article. We have multiple pictures that keep you, the reader, entertained outside of the technical talk.

You don’t want to just drive traffic to your blog. You want to drive traffic that is ready to be informed, that will engage with your blog, and that will come to you for answers. So, make your blog stand out by providing the best answers, the most concise answers, and the most engaging answers.

Focus on the Headline

You have one shot to grab your potential reader’s attention, and it’s not in the first few sentences of the opening paragraph. Before they even get to that, they’ll read your headline to see what the article is about and whether or not it’s worth their time. Our headline for this article not only contains the keywords you searched for but also lets you know what the article is about. From the start, you can see that this article talks about how you can drive traffic to your blog. You know that if you keep reading, you may find information that is relevant to your question and that can potentially help you replicate our success on your blog.

When you write a headline, create a sense of curiosity and excitement by crafting a title that draws them in, and then deliver on that promise throughout your article over and over again. If possible, insert a keyword to maximize search engine optimization. Your keyword should not be spammed but should appear multiple times throughout your article just to reassert the topic and to boost your rankings for that specific search term.

Utilize Social Media

Provided that you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page (and you should), having a blog will allow you to have something to share on those platforms. Social media is, by its very nature, social, so integrating with social media helps things go viral by connecting your information with not only your direct consumers but their connections who may also be interested in your business. Again, with our blog, we integrated Facebook commenting to allow for our comments to not only be read here but on Facebook as well. This helps us start the conversation and keep it going even after you have moved on to another article.


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