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Published On: December 22, 2015
Author: Eric Oliver

Employee Spotlight: Esteban Selva-Castillo

Esteban Selva-Castillo is Future Design Group's Lead Developer and has worked on multiple client projects. This is his spotlight.

Esteban Selva-Castillo

Esteban Selva-Castillo

Lead Website Developer

Who Is Esteban?

Esteban was the third hire for Future Design Group. He started with us as an intern and worked his way to Lead Developer. He has been present on some of our biggest projects and continues to lead our new developers and interns. He loves great beer and is addicted to espressos. This combination usually leads to funny, but amazing results.

Esteban is experienced with multiple platforms and coding languages including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Web Design Applications, SQL Programming, Advanced SQL Programming, Database Architecture/Design, Principles of Information Security, Fundamentals of Data Communications, Network Administration using Linux, Windows Server Management, and Client Installation and Configuration. Whew, that was a lot, do you see why he makes a great addition to our team?

I make it a mission to code every day and look forward to expanding my knowledge.
Esteban Selva

How Does Esteban Help Your Business?

Esteban is a great worker and focuses on solving every problem that comes across his desk. He comes in early and leaves later than most and has proven time and time again that our clients is his only priority when he is in the office.

He is capable of taking your idea or business and creating something for you that you will not only love, but will bring more customers to you. He was trained by Eric Oliver, Director of Website Development and has excelled at the tasks given. He is the type of developer that is not happy until you are and will continue to follow up with clients long after their project is finished to ensure the best customer service.

From the Management

Esteban has been a true investment into the future of our company. Working with him and helping him grow as a developer has been a great experience. His commitment to attended non-mandatory meetings and conferences as well as his overall attitude to making our company and Mississippi as a whole more tech savvy is what makes me glad we hired him.
Eric Oliver, Director of Website Development

Esteban is our first spotlight and rightly so. His projects, accomplishments and drive are what leads us to assign many new projects to him without thinking about it.

Some Exciting Projects Esteban Has Been A Part Of

Biloxi Beach Real Estate

Sutong China Tire Resources

Homes of Home for Children

Kenny Myers Realty


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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

About the Author

Eric Oliver

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience designing and developing websites, Eric has worked in every position of the agency ladder. He is fluent in multiple backend and front end programming languages and has written multiple international best selling plugins for WordPress. He has been part of or is still part of many startups. He is the Director of Website Development for Future Design Group and one of it's founding partners.