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Published On: August 8, 2016
Author: Allyson Gamard

Is Facebook Giving You the Business??

Everyone uses social media these days. Creating a business page is almost as essential as having a logo or a business card, and it is free to start!

Everyone, who is anyone, uses social media these days! Personal accounts, business page accounts, fan pages, pages about places, it’s hard to not use social media or at least be exposed to it in some form in our daily lives. Since social media can connect so many people, it only seems right that businesses and consumers should be able to connect through it as well.

The Business of Social Media

Social media is considered one of the leading tools for businesses of any size to connect, engage, and convert customers to their brand, products and services. Today’s blog will discuss one of the most popular social media channels, Facebook. More specifically, I will briefly discuss how to use Facebook for business, why businesses of any size should utilize Facebook, and offer some suggestions on how to enhance interactions with fans and customers.

Business Page?? What??

Facebook for business starts with creating a Facebook Business Page. Click here for step-by-step instructions on setting a page up. Once a Facebook Business page is created, the next step is filling in the correct information so that people can find your business. Facebook prompts you for general information such as name, address, phone number, website, info about products/services and about the business itself. Going a little further, a business can add photos to showcase their business, the locations, products and services. They can add a map feature that helps users locate the business, place a call to actions to direct customers, and post updates to engage users, update any new info, or create advertising to encourage user to contact. It is important to make sure that your Facebook page is filled out completely to take full advantage of the connections it can create. Connections are the starting point to conversations between businesses and customers that can ultimately lead to building a loyal fan base.

Small Business, Corporate Business, and These In-Between

Facebook has over a billion users and over 700 million daily user. With those numbers there isn’t a reason why any business shouldn’t take part in the millions of conversations that go on via Facebook. It connects people, ideas, groups, and yes, businesses. Creating a business page is almost as essential as having a logo or a business card, and it is free to start! Facebook business pages offer another outlet to make an impression on current and future customers. Facebook also offers businesses many tools that can help with reaching out to new people/places, advertising at a lower cost, and user analytics. Facebook lets businesses learn about their customers, which can enhance how the customer/business relationship grows.

Facebook Business Attractions

Facebook is a great tool that a business of any size could use to build brand awareness, find their target audience, and create lasting customers relationships.
Below are some suggestions for attracting more people to your Facebook business page:

  • Set up business category and location
  • Encourage interaction with your audience with posts
    • Ask questions where users can comment the answer
    • Use fill-in-the-blanks to motivate users to fill in the answer
    • Use Holidays or Current Events to engage
    • Ask for comments/likes
  • Tell stories (i.e. powerful, emotional, funny) that can connect customers to the business
  • Offer coupons, discounts, or incentives
  • Keep page, posts, and information about the business up-to-date
  • Research the new and latest tools, tricks, and benefits that Facebook continues to offer

Give Your Business to Facebook

Social media gives businesses another channel to connect with customers and build relationships. Utilizing these new channels is essential for businesses! Facebook is just one of the many social media outlets that businesses can take advantage of. As a business, taking the time to create a business page and entering in the appropriate information starts the conversation with customers and those conversations is what can lead to increased brand awareness and profits.

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