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Published On: November 24, 2014
Author: Eric Oliver

Hire An Agency, Don’t Just Start A Campaign

When looking to hire an agency, don't think about it is a single project...but as a partnership with our agency. Let us become part of your team.

Starting a new project can be daunting, especially if your project is large and has a lot of moving parts. When you are looking to hire an agency, don’t just looks at their past work…look at them as new partners with your company and project.  Never make a decision with the mindset that this project is a one off project and any one will do.  In order to create a positive ROI (return on investment), a functional brand image, and get the most out of your agency you need to think about the big picture.  The big picture includes hiring a team that not only is good at what they do, has a proven track record, but also has the heart to get behind your brand and make your project or promotion work.  Anything less is setting yourself up to fail.

Create a Partnership

Create a Partnership

How to Properly Hire An Agency

Face it, there are millions of freelancers and hundreds of thousands of agencies that can work with you…but what sets the one that lands your contract apart from the rest.  Typically, your budget plays a huge role in this…but like many of you already know, you get what you pay for.  Ask anyone that has hired solely on budget and not only will you see they had a terrible experience, but that they now have a general mindset for all agencies.  One bad egg, tends to spoil the entire bunch.  If your agency cannot get behind your brand and you become just another client, then your brand will not live to it’s full potential. When you hire an agency, you have to think outside of the immediate box and think long term commitments.  If you just start a campaign instead of a partnership with your agency, as soon as your campaign is over…it’s all over. Hire an agency, don’t just start a campaign.

Sure, you may get what you pay for if you start a campaign, but will it really help your brand flourish?  Probably not.  Now, if you think of your agency connection as a partnership with your brand or project you can use their skills and knowledge to expand your current thinking and paths.  A real agency wants you to succeed because in doing so, they succeed.  A real agency not only helps you get started but helps you think of new aspects of your business, new opportunities to make your business great.

Get to know your agency…know their weaknesses and their strengths.  Ask questions and see if your agency is the partner you have been looking for.  Don’t be fooled by one off agencies that know how to sell you a product…you don’t want just a product.  You want an agency that will be their best and help you expand your brand potential.

Past and Present

Sometimes your project will be the first of it’s kind with this agency.  That doesn’t mean they can’t do it, but that they have never been asked to do it. Past projects and circumstances mean nothing in this case because you are the first. You have an opportunity to create something great that will not only help you brand flourish but allow your agency to be involved in the start of something.  This gives you many advantages in the sense that your agency has to prove themselves…they have to be better than the competition because  they are in new territory.

So, when you are looking to hire an agency: Do you want an agency that puts their heart  and soul, blood, sweat and tears into your growing business…then don’t just ask to see their previous case studies or base your decisions solely on a campaign that was created for another brand because this will not typically reflect your potential.

Instead, ask them how they have handled tough challenges.  Ask abut their success and their failures and what they learned from both. Ask yourself if this is an agency that you can see yourself being excited to work with months at a time and is this an agency that can earn your respect.  Then make your decision.

Lastly, remember why you hired your agency.  Remember that they can bring new ideas and a creative look on your project.  Use this to your advantage.  Let them help create your brand and your ideas.  Become part of their team and expand your business by helping them think outside of the box.

Hire an agency, don’t just campaign.  Learn from us and let us learn from you.


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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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