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Published On: May 16, 2016
Author: Eric Oliver

Hosting is Included…Just Smile and Nod

After getting a website designed, what is the next step? Selecting and using a reliable hosting solution! Learn why you should select a hosting solution.


So you have a website. What now? You probably want someone to see it. But where will people go? Well, the internet. But what part of the internet? It’s a very vast and complicated place.

Sounds like your website needs an address and a hosting solution. But, what sort of place is that?

Where do websites live? A Hosting Server Explained.

It can be a bit weird to think about, but the internet actually had a physical aspect to it. Every bit of it lives somewhere, and those places are servers.

Servers are, in this context, computers that exist somewhere only to hold information and talk to other computers called clients. These servers have addresses, called IP addresses, so the client computers can find them.

The client computers then dial the address, and ask the server for whatever files it has for the client.

What’s in a name?

So, these addresses aren’t names, but strings of numbers such as for Google. That’s easy enough to remember. But they quickly become for complicated with IP addresses usually being more like this:

That’s a pain to remember. The computers don’t care, but it sucks for people. This is why we have domain names. Instead of, you can connect those numbers to a name like “”. Much easier.

So, let’s recap. When you want to put your website out for the world, you need to get a server to host those files, and then get a domain name, and connect those two.

Where do I go to Find the Best Hosting Solution?

So, now that you know what you need? Where can you go? Well, there are a ton of options for buying domains and hosting, with a lot of services putting them into a package. Hostgator is an option for both, as is Godaddy, though we have had issues making changes

Future Design Group even has its own hosting setup using quick solid state drives, and the benefit of having a local office in Biloxi.

While that is useful, remember your domain name is your domain name and you can apply it to any hosting situation. So, be smart, look around, and find out what’s going for your situation. And tell us your hosting situation, and why you picked who you’re with.

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Oliver

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience designing and developing websites, Eric has worked in every position of the agency ladder. He is fluent in multiple backend and front end programming languages and has written multiple international best selling plugins for WordPress. He has been part of or is still part of many startups. He is the Director of Website Development for Future Design Group and one of it's founding partners.