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Published On: January 27, 2020
Author: Kelly Oliver

How Social Media Can Boost Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a way boost marketing campaigns? Social media may be your best ticket for quick results. Here are some quick tips to help boost your business.

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Social media is an excellent way to reach a broad audience and to boost marketing campaigns. The marketing potential available through top social media sites is enormous. Many small business owners, however, choose to stick with traditional advertising strategies. While print and electronic media still provide value, social media marketing may produce excellent results with minimal cost. Once a business owner looks at the ways social media can boost marketing campaigns, opinions about this online strategy often change. In this article, we hope to change your opinion about how you use social media and give you insight into how it can boost your marketing campaigns.

Photo Advertising

Compelling images can move people. An excellent photograph has the potential to tell a fantastic story. Think of a photo with several customers filling up a restaurant. The diners are smiling, having fun, and most importantly, eating the great food visible on the tables. A social media platform provides a way to deliver images such as these and more to followers every day. Followers could share the pictures, offering a chance for the images to go viral. Viral posts of images serve as free advertising. Maybe it will motivate people to visit.

You can also use photo advertising to have your visitors share photos of themselves with your product or at your venue. People love to be told a story and a picture is worth a thousand words. Let your customers help build your social media by creating relevant hashtags and tagging their friends. We recently used this to run a campaign for a local restaurant. They gave away 1 year of free food to a visitor chosen after they tagged themselves in a selfie with a unique hashtag. If their friends commented, liked, and shared their selfies, they received more entries. The results were amazing and the post was shared over ten thousand times with over 400 selfies.

Contact Customers Directly

Social media is all about interactions. A television commercial is a one-way advertising street. A YouTube video, while similar, presents a chance to communicate with audiences. Viewers can make comments, and the person posting can reply. These interactions allow for building stronger relationships with customers. Posting videos on Facebook could deliver the same dynamic as even short text posts afford a chance to interact with customers. Contacting customers doesn’t even require sending out mailers or making phone calls, either. A text message gets things across, but make sure the message gets right to the point. It’s estimated that over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes. You can’t send someone a novel. If you send a decent promotional text, you can feel more confident the recipient will take it seriously.

Changes Move Quickly

Even the most thoughtful marketing plan runs the risk of falling below expectations. A struggling ad campaign, however, doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around. With social media advertising, making revisions and alterations isn’t difficult. A change can go into effect immediately. Such is not the case with other forms of advertising. Though traditional reviews are always helpful, responses to social media promotions are like instant reviews.

Social media promotions are easier to analyze thanks to instant feedback, unique tagging and hashtags, and interactions. The analytical feedback supports better decisions to make fitting changes.

With the feedback you receive, you can run A/B testing, changes images, title,s text, links, etc…all to suit better results.

Social media advertising has changed the way businesses promote themselves online. It’s important to make sure your company is attempting to keep up with the time. The benefits of social media campaigns make exploring this option vital to any entrepreneur or company.

If you are interested in learning more about how this topic can help your business, please contact our agency on our contact page or call us at 1-888-964-4991. We publish a new article once or twice per month so make sure to follow us on social media and allow for push notifications if you want to stay in the loop with our agency and digital marketing.

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