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Published On: February 26, 2021
Author: Kenneth Pendleton

How to Host a Memorable Company Event

When you host a company event, you need to make sure you are utilizing it in a way that helps you market you company. We have tips to help.

You’re planning a company event. And there’s a million details to manage. When it comes to putting on an event, you want to make sure everything goes well, especially if you are new to this. Nothing is worse than trying your best and having things just not work out. If you are wondering where to start, here’s a few tips.

Plan in Advance

Obviously, one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your conference goes smoothly is to plan well in advance. Not only will this allow you to get all the details in place ahead of time and then perfectly arranged, but it will also help you save money. As you are figuring out all the details for the conference, decide on a timeline for yourself to keep yourself accountable. Make sure you stick to your timeline and enlist help to make sure everything gets done the way you have planned.

Invite Guest Speakers

Guest speakers can make or break a conference. When you have good speakers that speak to the interests of the audience, know how to connect with the attendees, and can make their presentations fun and interesting, you’re likely to have success. The theme of your company event will probably give good direction on who you should be contacting, but consider experts in areas of interest, fun personalities, and even company employees who have expertise.

Provide Entertainment

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your event is memorable is providing entertainment. Even though it’s easy to get so excited about the great speakers, activities, and other informational aspects of the conference, attendees need fun breaks throughout the day to be able to absorb all the information during the conference.

If you are planning a conference that lasts over a period of multiple days, be sure to have a dedicated game night at some point.

Give Away Gift Bags

If you want your conference to be memorable, one of the most natural things you can do is offer attendees free stuff. Regardless of the kind of conference that you are planning, tasteful gift bags are sure to be a hit with everyone. Think carefully about the right gifts to include in your gift bags. If the items you include are functional, a good design, and fun, it’s likely that your attendees will actually keep the item and use it. On the other hand, if it is poorly designed, it will likely be thrown away and consequently a waste of your money.

As you think about the specific items to include in these gift bags, think about things that have universal appeal. Water bottles can be a great option. T-shirts are fun if they are well-designed. One unique item you can giveaway is custom toothpicks with your company logo on them. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about gift bags, but toothpicks are a universally needed useful item. A cute container of toothpicks will likely be something that your attendees can actually use and will want to keep.

Partner with Other Businesses

Partnering with other businesses in your same industry can help you expand your conference, get more unique voices involved, and draw more attendees. Additionally, when you partner with other companies who specialize in something slightly different than your company, you’ll have a greater pool of experts to engage with.

Having a larger variety of experts who can speak to a range of different topics will allow you to have more memorable discussions where attendees will be able to learn more. Additionally, when your partner with other businesses, they may be willing to provide certain services, guest speakers, or other stuff to hand out to attendees for free marketing.

Choose a Theme

One of the most important things you should consider when you’re planning a conference is the overarching theme. Without a solid theme that pervades every aspect of the conference from the speakers’ topics to the conference logo, your conference will not feel cohesive and attendees might struggle to remember the different aspects of the conference.

As you’re thinking about the theme you would like to use, start by considering the overall purpose of the conference. What do you want attendees to learn or take away from the experience? Then boil that idea into a simple slogan that you can use to encapsulate the conference’s main goal. As you start to develop the conference’s branding, be sure to be consistent across the board.

Provide Fun Interactive Elements

As you plan for the different parts of the conference, try to add different opportunities for interaction between the attendees and with different interactive multimedia. For example, set up different photo-ops around the conference venue. Having these will not only provide a fun opportunity for attendees to document their attendance at the event, but it will likely also have the added bonus of more social media coverage.

You should also consider other interactive aspects of the different breakout rooms or sections of the conference. Provide speakers with access to different technology and/or applications to allow them to interact with their audience through polls and other questions. These aspects of a presentation keep audience members engaged.

Have Backup Plans

When you’re planning an event, you’re likely focusing the majority of your time and resources on your plan A. You’re working to ensure that you have the right speakers there, the right venue, and the right catering. And while it’s definitely essential that your A plan by your top priority, you still shouldn’t forget about plan B.

Even though the likelihood of needing a backup option for the different aspects of the event is low, not having a backup plan if the need does arise can be disastrous. There are multiple ways that you can plan a second option without having it be too high stress. For example, as you’re booking with speakers, reach out to a few other individuals who could share an impactful word if needed and ask them if they would be willing to fill in in the event of an emergency.

Similarly, as you’re thinking about your caterer, figure out if they have any ‘insurance’-type policy for any situation where the food doesn’t go quite as planned. If they do, go for it. Spending a little extra money will save you a lot when it comes to peace of mind. 

Planning a company event can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that everything goes off smoothly, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Thinking about these ideas can get you going in the right direction.

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