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Published On: November 5, 2021
Author: Eric Oliver

How to Make Sure Your Marketing is Actually Working

How do you know whether your marketing plan is actually achieving your desired goals? Learn to track your performance online to see results.

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Having a great marketing plan is crucial to ensure the success of your business. But how do you know whether your marketing plan is actually achieving your desired goals? Tracking the performance of your marketing plan in different ways will help you see what is working and what you may need to tweak.

Use Key Metrics

Collecting data and tracking key metrics is an important way to measure the performance of your marketing. One of the metrics you should be tracking is the number of qualified leads. Qualified leads let you know how many leads you are getting that will actually turn into customers. The quality of your leads is important because low-quality leads mean a lot of people are interested but few are actually following through. On social media, you should be tracking both comments, and the number of times your content is shared. If someone comments on your posts, that shows they are willing to take the time to engage with your content. The more people share your content means they are willing to spread the information with their personal networks.

Gather Customer Feedback

Another good way to determine whether your marketing plan is living up to your expectations is to get customer feedback. Surveys are a great way to do this. You can incentivize customers to take surveys by hosting a contest with a drawing for a prize for whoever takes the survey. Insights that customers share, whether demographic or otherwise, can help you understand whether you are reaching your desired audience. Companies can gather information through online customer insights.

Analyze Web Traffic

You should also be analyzing web traffic to see how people are finding your website. If you are getting a lot of hits on search engines, you probably have a great SEO strategy that is ranking you high on search pages. If you are running ads on social media, you should track both how many customers come to your website from those ads, and how many stay and purchase from you as well.

You may think you have a great marketing strategy, but without following up and tracking important metrics, you have no way of actually knowing it. Beyond actual sales, there are a lot of ways to measure the effectiveness of your marketing plan. Taking the time to analyze what is working can help you make improvements where necessary and continue to implement what is already successful.

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