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Published On: June 10, 2021
Author: Kelly Oliver

How to Surge Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the number one way to market your business. If you are having problems with your word-of-mouth, read this article.

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You probably have had a lot of experience using different marketing tactics to expand your brand. This has become incredibly popular online. However, probably the most effective way to develop customer loyalty is through word-of-mouth marketing. This is when one person refers another to your business because they enjoyed it. This kind of strategy can be difficult to cause, but it is exceptionally effective.

Go Above and Beyond for Your Clients

One of the best ways that you can attract new customers by word of mouth is through supreme customer service. If people know they will step through your doors and be treated like a king, they will be glad to do so. Think about companies that are renowned for doing this: Chick-Fil-A, In ‘n’ Out, and Amazon all wear their kindness on their sleeve.

Since these companies can make people exceptionally satisfied, why can’t you? Train your employees to have smiles on their faces and to greet customers politely. Encourage them to go the extra mile in everything that they do. You will find more customers at your door.

Implement a Referral System

If you want more direct confirmation that word-of-mouth marketing is occurring, you may want to install a referral system. By having your customers create an account with you, they can receive a personal “referral code”. In turn, when they refer someone else, they can get prizes to be used in your store.

Referrals are 2x more likely to draw clients to your business. While you may have great advertisements in circulation, people just trust their close friends and family more than they do you. A healthy system can encourage them to reach out to others and do some marketing on your behalf.

Offer Coupons and Deals

Another way you can gain the public’s attention is by offering coupons and deals. By doing so, you can encourage more people to give your business a chance. Once they have tried it once, it will be easier for them to convince themselves to try it again.

Don’t be afraid to work with other companies as well. Some apps and programs might give more exposure to your company than traditional marketing methods. These discounts can be temporary, but your clientele growth will be forever.

Word of mouth marketing is still being experimented with, but it’s likely the most efficient way at getting new customers. Focus on gaining referrals, make your business worth experiencing, and throw in a good deal, and you’ll be surprised when the public is lining the streets for your service

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Kelly Oliver, Chief Financial Officer

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