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Published On: December 8, 2020
Author: Kelly Oliver

How to Use Outdoor Advertising Effectively for Your Business

Planning a thoughtful campaign that takes advantage of outdoor advertising is the key to effective advertising even in a digital market.

Advertising your business is essential to your success but deciding how to accomplish it can be a challenge. Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach a new audience and bring customers into your business. From billboards to car wraps and other promotions, you can draw in new customers and make your business even more successful.

Buy a Billboard

Buying a billboard is one of the most common ways to take advantage of outdoor advertising. A well-designed billboard in a high traffic area can be incredibly effective at boosting your business. Since billboards are always up and visible, they provide constant advertising, every day and all year long. Billboards can also provide directions to your location and catch customers when they’re already on the go. This often makes reaching your business even easier for potential clients. Billboard advertising can inspire your creativity and help you come up with new design concepts that will have a broad reach.

Wrap Your Company Cars

Another great way to reach potential customers on the go is to invest in car wrapping. This is a simple way to advertise your company every time you or your employees drive around your area. You can wrap whatever vehicles your company has to gain additional exposure. This means that no matter what cars your company has, you can get a wrap that will work for them and constantly gain exposure, even when you aren’t on the job.

Design a car wrap that highlights your services and prominently displays your logo so potential customers will remember your company name. It is also important to include essential contact info or your company website so they know how to get in touch.

Promotions at a Local Theater

One surprising way to advertise your business is through your local movie theater. Theaters will often offer advertising slots for before previews and between films. This is a great way to attract new customers and reach a market that you may otherwise miss. When potential customers are at the theater, they are in a great position to have new information stick in their head and seek out the companies they hear about. It’s also great because you can easily reach your market area. This creative use of outside advertising can give you an edge over other companies

A good advertising campaign can make your business stand out and bring in attention from new customers. Planning a thoughtful campaign that takes advantage of outside spaces is the key to effective advertising.

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Kelly Oliver, Chief Financial Officer

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Kelly Oliver

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