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Published On: June 2, 2016
Author: Eric Oliver

Last Month’s Recap, May

What has our team been reading the month of May 2016? Get to know what recent news our team is interested in on this month's "Last Month's Recap".

Hands On With The 3Doodler Start, A $39 Kid-Friendly 3D-Printing Pen

A pen that draws in 3D! I’ve grown up doodling in class with the good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. Kids are now able to make their creativity a reality in a more interactive way. Not only will kids be able to take advantage of this technology, I see designers and creatives using this for producing quick and visual project mock ups!

– Esteban

Logo Systems: The future of logo design?

Techniques for designing logos is changing in the digital world. With logos being see across multiple platforms and a variety of places, they’re not just for print anymore. Going digital also allows for changes to be made almost instantly rather than the time and expense it used to take. With this brands are using logo systems, a framework that allows you to keep the brand’s message but also change or edit it for different situations. This can open up conversations between brands and their audiences that go outside of the brand name. Example: Google’s ‘Google Doodle.’

– Allyson

Design and 1990s Video Games

As a gamer and 90s kid, I love the idea of examining video games I grew up with using designer There were a lot of missteps and seeing them in a video game context shows just how important design of the user interface is. The article compares the selected games to today’s apps or websites so it is interesting to see the evolution of UX and design. If you have any nostalgia for the 1990s or video games, check this read out!

– Pauline

Chrome leaves behind Flash

Years ago when Apple stopped supporting Flash on their devices, people thought they were crazy. The web seemed to run on Flash for videos and animations, as anyone found out when their Flash plug-in wasn’t updated. But, times have changed. With Chrome dumping Flash it would be amazed if it ever reaches the masses like it did years ago.

– Chase

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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