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Published On: April 19, 2016
Author: Contributing Author

Last Week’s Recap, April 19th

What has our team been reading the week of April 11th? Get to know what recent news our team is interested in on this week's "Last Week's Recap".

Adtile raises $2M to rethink mobile ads

Adtile, a San Diego based startup, is on the pursuit of changing the way we look at online advertisements. I’m sure the feeling of online advertisements is mutual. Instead of the plain, standard ad we come across on a daily basis, Adtile is looking for a more motion based and interactive solution. If we have to look at ads all day, I’€™m a fan of going this route!

– Esteban

Design 2016: The year of illustration?

The recents trends in web design so far this 2016 year. Original, custom, hand-drawn illustrations is on the top of the list. From providing story that guides viewers through the web page with icons, customized type and animation, websites are branching from the norm to give viewers an experience when they visit. All the more fun for designers out there!

– Allyson

Interview with Cards Against Humanity Designer

As a fan of Cards Against Humanity, I was excited to read the interview of the design director of the brand. She is very honest about her work. Her work also has given her a lot of stories to tell that fans of the card game would appreciate. Any Cards Against Humanity or graphic design fan should give her interview some thought on what she feels is missing in the graphic design field today.

– Pauline

Life Long Coding

Programming is what we do for our livelihood at Future Design Group but it’€™s also what we do for fun. So, anyone who wants to show children how entertaining and rewarding coding can be, I’€™m very much about it.

– Chase

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