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Published On: July 5, 2021
Author: Kelly Oliver

Major Customer Turnoffs That Better Marketing Can Fix

Did you know that these simples things are huge customer turnoffs? Now that you know, learn how to fix them and bring in more customers.

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Have you ever crunched the numbers of how many views your websites, ads, or campaigns get compared to the number of customers you actually have? Sometimes that can be a discouraging process, but it doesn’t always have to be so. There are a lot of customer turnoffs that you can easily avoid if you simply adjust your marketing to be more effective and attractive

Annoying Messages

Things like repetitive ads, cliché messages, floods of emails, or text notifications tend to drive potential customers crazy. They will start deleting or blocking your messages before they even see them. Even really bland commercials can be huge turn-offs for customers since they usually are forced to view them when they’re waiting to stream something for their entertainment. There are certain times when the saying, “less is more” is really true in advertising. You want to make sure that your customers are intrigued by the attractiveness and ingenuity of your reminders and advertisements, rather than annoyed by them.

Negative Reviews

Many companies recognize the power of positive reviews, but ignore the damaging effects of negative reviews. Positive reviews can attract many new potential customers to your business, but negative reviews can repel them just as quickly. In fact, only 9% of consumers would use a business with a one or two-star rating. So, make sure that you do everything in your power to guarantee the happiness of your customers, whether that means hiring friendly customer service agents, providing easy contact info for questions, or creating a website that is easy to maneuver. If you facilitate the customer’s experience, you’ll be likely to earn more positive reviews.

Unclear Communication

Having confusing or unclear routes of communication are one of the biggest pitfalls of business marketing. If a customer with questions has difficulty reaching you or getting their issue resolved, they are very unlikely to continue working with your business. They may even leave you a negative review as previously discussed. Try to provide clear methods of communication on your websites and social media platforms without providing too many options that may be confusing.

While it may seem like too many customers get easily turned off and frustrated by your marketing, remember that these problems with marketing can be easily taken care of if you put in some planning and effort. Examine how each of these common issues may be occurring in your company and do your best to find a solution for each of them. The quicker you resolve these issues, the sooner you will see greater success in your marketing efforts.

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Kelly Oliver

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Oliver is a Peruvian native who has been on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 12 years and enjoys good Spanish food and Salsa dancing. She has almost a decade of experience in the casino and retail field. However, after an opportunity to work in the accounting field presented itself, she found that she had a real passion for numbers and spreadsheets. She decided to pursue an Accounting career.