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Published On: November 25, 2013
Author: Eric Oliver

What Makes A Good Facebook Landing Page?

Want to have an effective Facebook landing page? Catch the attention of your user and create conversions with your Facebook landing page with our tips.

Want To Have An Effective Facebook Landing Page?

Effective on-line advertising makes use of well-designed landing pages, especially for social media. The landing page is that the very first thing that a possible client see once he or she clicks on the result they are searching for, a pay per click ad, or another variety of on-line advertising connected to your business. Businesses of all sizes are creating effective use of well-designed landing pages on social networking sites like Facebook. How do you optimize your landing page on Facebook? Take a look at our tips below.

Optimize Facebook Landing Page

Optimize Facebook Landing Page

Make Your Ad and Your Image Match

The most effective ads use visual images that urge customers or visitors to click through. If the image on your landing page, however, doesn’t match the image within your ad, potential customers could become confused and assume they landed on the wrong page or your ad is not up to date. Either copy the ad and display as a banner or display the same elements of the ad as a banner. Either way, make your ads and landing page cohesive.

Matching Copy

Users reach your Facebook landing page by clicking on a ad that you just have designed and paid to show in their feeds or search results. That ad should contain a picture as well as copy. Be sure that the copy on your landing page reflects any specials or discounts you want to convey in your ad. Whatever ads are displayed to the user, the landing page should replicate effectively.

Obvious Conversion

Your landing page should have a huge call to action that dictates what the user should do. If the user is confused as to how they should proceed, you may lose the visitor. Either have a link that is noticeable, a form form them to fill out, or something as simple as a survey. Always remember to make your conversion sections one of the first things a user sees. Make it bright or make it bold…but make it visible.


Use social media to bring in new clients by spreading your message evenly and by making your landing page work with your ad copy and images cohesively. Create visible call to actions in a noticeable area and entice the user to proceed with the sale or click through. You only have 5 seconds to get their attention, use it wisely.

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