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Published On: July 27, 2015
Author: Eric Oliver

Maximize Conversions In Your Site

Learn to maximize conversion on your website to turn your visitors into clients or customers. It only take a little bit of work to maximize conversions.

You have a website that’s filled with superb copy, amazing photos and eye-catching graphic design. You have the most competitive prices for all the right items, and you’ve even thrown in a few freebies to really entice customers to buy from your online store.

So how come you’re not getting a lot of sales since day one? How do you maximize conversions on your website?

Internet users visit websites for different websites. Sometimes they’re just bored and want to read up on the latest electronic gadgets or dietary supplements. At other times, however, they logged on the Web purposely to buy something they need.

Your priority as webmaster and/or web designer is to ensure that your visitors become real customers, whether or not they intended to make a purchase in the first place. You have to convince them to buy from you rather than your competitor.

What’s Missing in Your Web Design?

Before you revamp your website and start over from scratch, you have to understand not enough to have just a great website layout and great text to drive your sales. Sure, your website may look and sound really good, but does it give people that extra push that makes them click your checkout button to pay for your merchandise or services?

There is more than just aesthetics involved in convincing customers to buy and providing them a virtual store that’s conducive to buying items. If you want to make money with your website, you have to do more than just draw your site visitors in with fancy pictures and words.

Every minute that a site visitor spends on your pages should be maximized for profit-making opportunities. After all, you didn’t set up your website simply to be a visual feast – it’s meant to generate income for you.

Optimize Every Element to Maximize Conversions

You have to position all the design elements in your website in such a way as to make it more likely for customers to make a sale with you rather than just browse around. Pretend that you were a physical store – wouldn’t you like more people to actually walk up to the till with an item on two rather than just walk in and out of your store?

That said, you have to craft your website to be more than just eye candy. Even with your current site traffic, you can actually increase sales if you just learn the art of conversion.

“Conversion” in web marketing lingo means the number of people who take a specific action on your website. Instead of just being passive viewers, site visitors click through to your checkout page or newsletter sign-up form. Most webmasters are concerned about sales conversion, although newsletter account creation is also a good way to illustrate conversion.

To convert users, you need to put every element in just the right place so that the entirety facilitates buying instead of browsing. Here are a couple of things you may want to tweak on your website to see if they can be improved to maximize your conversion:

  1. Headline: a strong, vivid and straightforward headline tells people that they are in the right place and are doing the right thing. Get creative with your headline without losing the point of what you want to say. Target your market right away and let them know you want them on your website.
  2. Call to action button: whatever action you want your readers to do, make sure that the button is large enough to be obvious and positioned in such a way that they can’t miss it. Some webmasters prefer orange buttons because split testing has revealed that orange is the most clickable color, so you can use it too for your add-to-cart cart or newsletter signup button. Shift to another color if the results don’t satisfy you.
  3. Text and images: make sure that the text on every page in your site is as snappy, colorful and original as it can be. Avoid generic, boring lines and try to look for different ways to say the same thing. Your users will also appreciate if you show up texts in reader-friendly font, font size and color so they won’t have a hard time trying to discover what it is you’re trying to sell. And of course, the accompanying images and graphics on should convey the emotions you want your readers to feel.
  4. Navigation: do your pages load quickly? Do you have a search button that’s easily recognizable? Can your buyers rely on being able to view all the items their shopping cart every now and then before checkout? All these things take from the overall user experience of your website, so you have to make sure that everything works without a hitch. It won’t hurt to watch your actual target market as they browse through your website, if at all possible, so you can ask them firsthand what they think about your website.

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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