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Published On: August 22, 2014
Author: Eric Oliver

Do You Need A Brand Revamp?

Considered redesigning or redeveloping your brand? Every great company goes through a brand revamp at one point or is why you should.

Need a Brand Revamp?

Revamping Your Brand…Do You Need It?

Brand is a term used to describe a symbol, mark or name that speaks about who you are as a company and what kind of advantages you bring when someone gets in touch with some of your products or services. The brand creates trust in customers and even emotional connection. Branding makes your company unique and helps people identify your service or product in an easier way. Building a brand is a complex process that takes time. Brand planning, brand analysis and brand strategy are only part of the things that need to be present when you start building a brand. Of course this process takes time, but once you have built your brand it will be much easier.

Why Revamp My Brand?

Successful companies know that the brand is not something that is given once and for all. We can look at the brand as a living entity that grows but also as an entity that can experience troubles. The brand must follow the current trends. It must reflect the business strategy of the company and as we all know these strategies are constantly changing. Furthermore, over time your company may grow and you can include new types of services and products in your offer. You can also introduce new departments in your company and establish relations with other companies too. Even the market and the customers change. What they found attractive few years ago doesn’t mean that it will continue to be popular in 5 years. That’s why every brand needs to be flexible and you should not only brand one single product or service. Top put it in simple words – every business needs a brand revamp once in a while. This is especially useful when the company plans to introduce a new line of products or maybe the company has reached some milestone. If you are still skeptical about this, take some of the big companies as an example. They all make some changes after some period.

There are many ways to revamp your brand so make sure you do some proper research before you choose the right way’s. What you always have to keep in mind is the audience/market that you are targeting. The main purpose of branding is to have a recognizable products and services and build trust. The same goes for brand revamping.

Where to Start?

Probably the easiest and most efficient way to start with a brand revamp is to make some changes in the digital presence. Websites are necessary for every business and today many companies get most of their clients through the internet. That’s why they need quality web design in order to attract and hold the customers. Giving a new fresh appearance to your website can provide some amazing results. Adding beautiful graphics, interesting (and useful) buttons and new images are some of the things that you can do on your website. The revamping of your website and your brand includes few more things – better SEO and content for example. If you are considering revamping your brand starting from your website it’s the best idea to hire professionals to do that for you.

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Eric Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Oliver

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