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Published On: November 14, 2016
Author: Contributing Author

Personal and Professional Growth: A Marketing Approach for Business

It is a well-known yet commonly ignored rule in business that without facing and overcoming these detriments, there simply is no potential for growth.

“We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle

Key Factors Determine Growth

Roadblocks are to be expected on the road to success, in both business and life. Factors such as change (changing markets, business models, and client needs); challenge (personal and professional challenges faced and overcome); and reception (how your business is perceived and your message interpreted by clients and potential customers) impact the success of a business. It is a well-known yet commonly ignored rule in business that without facing and overcoming these detriments, there simply is no potential for growth.

Backbone Behind Success and Growth

The backbone and driving force behind success through growth is your approach to it as a business owner or manager. A successful person in life as well as business will put the time in that is required to do a task correctly, additionally they will always seek a new or original approach to looking at an issue. Although it should be a simple concept to put into practice, many business owners do not approach their business woes the same way they might manage a personal concern. This is an unfortunate eventuality, for both the business and the clients they serve.

There are countless ways in which a business might lose footing in their market but the fundamentals are essentially the same when confronting any problem that might arise. In the marketing industry, problems are the basis for growth potential. This is especially true in the way in which a business presents itself and its services to the public. The essential cornerstone in any market is growth. Growth is the key goal of any business that wishes to succeed in an ever-expanding marketplace.

A marketing approach to growth within a business model relies on a method similar to a personal growth model, in that the job is to find, examine, and remedy a particular issue or stumbling block. The steps are as follows:

Acknowledgement – I identify the fact that there is an issue, and this is what it is.

Evaluation – This is what caused or exacerbated the issue, what aspects of my life/business it impacts, and what it would take to counterbalance or defuse the issue at hand.

Execution – The action or behavior which performs the necessary correction to rectify the issue or concern.

We, as marketing professionals, help a business realize its growth potential by noticing a oversight or omission, whether in process or delivery of a business’ brand, product or service. This ability to look at the larger picture to correct the small matters correlates with an ability to acknowledge, evaluate, and execute a plan of action to give the business the problem-solving resolution. That is the very definition of “Marketing Solutions”. With our expertise, we are able to effectively pinpoint shortfalls in a marketing plan or business model while keeping our client’s original vision in focus, which allows us to work on improvement and implementation simultaneously.

Overcoming Growth Challenges

Acknowledgement is one of the toughest tasks for a business owner, however. With all the minute details of the day-to- day constantly on the forefront of your mind, the bigger picture is often more difficult to see. Without first acknowledging the presence of a problem there is no chance for progress or forward growth. One business’ marketing problem may not necessarily present as a problem to all businesses, just as one person’s trash is said to be another’s treasure.

Individual factors such as: product or service type, business size, or budget determines what services are most beneficial and indicative of positive growth. Determining these needs and what services will best benefit a particular client takes an astute business savvy and a practical understanding of what makes businesses stay in business, luckily our award-winning team at Future Design Group have had the opportunity to serve over 1,200 clients. This longstanding relationship with the local business community has allowed us to know what works as well as what doesn’t to better serve your business and facilitate the positive growth that will carry your business into the future.

Future Design Group; it’s your future, we just make it look good!

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